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hasting bonfire and procession

Bonfire Night, Hastings Old Town, East Sussex

What a magnificent night!  I have never experienced anything like it.  Will provide full details later, but at least want to get the photos up…             Read more

rye east sussex

Rye in East Sussex

Rye is a lovely town in East Sussex.  I will add info and commentary later – for now at least wanted to upload the photos…                                   Read more

Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace

No sooner did I pick up the keys to my beautiful apartment, I dropped my luggage, repacked, and was off across the country… First stop after an overnight rest-break part-way, was collecting the car I just bought – a black Volvo C70 convertible, with black leather interior and wood trim… Read more

langtry manor

Langtry Manor

Staying in the Prince of Wales’ own suite! Have you heard of Lillie Langtry?  Perhaps if I said she was in a relationship with the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII and who built Langtry Manor for her – or perhaps if I told you she was the… Read more

Bucharest’s Historic Casa Capsa

Sitting, working away on my balcony – I started to feel a little peckish so decided to get dressed and go out for dinner… literally across the road – to the historic Casa Capsa… Whereas most places in Europe have designated hours for dinner, here in Bucharest many restaurants open from… Read more

Exploring Creevelea Friary, County Leitrim

After a lovely sleep-in, Boswell (trusty rental car) and I went in search of a particular medieval abbey that dates back to 1508 – Creevelea Friary. …and I thought yesterday’s excursion was skinny and windy?  It had nothing on these roads – and I must admit, it was fun!  …although… Read more

Who is the Luxurious Nomad?

Hello!  I am Leigh St John – my friends call me Bella – and I am an author, entrepreneur, coach, red wine enthusiast, self-confessed geek, lover of all things Victorian and steampunk, and Luxurious Nomad!

I am originally from Australia (although I now have no connection to the country apart from a passport with a kangaroo on the front) and did not even catch the travel bug until I was in my 30s.  After exploring much of ‘down under’ and parts of New Zealand, I then travelled through quite a bit of Asia, lived almost 10 years in the USA (spent significant time in 42 states – all by road), several trips to Canada (including the Winter Olympics) and now off exploring amazing places in the UK and Europe.

I have managed to create a dream life of luxury that does not cost a fortune (and in some instances is actually cheaper!), allows me to live a ‘laptop lifestyle’ (aka working from my computer in exotic locations), enjoy good red wine (a must!), meet interesting people, explore fascinating places…

No nine-to-five, no mortgage, no hectic schedules…  Do I work?  Yes, but when you are doing it beside a waterfall because that is where you choose to work for the day, or in a quaint Irish pub another day… it is amazing how much FUN your work can be!

Join me and learn how you, too, can live the life of a Luxurious Nomad…

leigh st john - luxurious nomad - steampunk

…and this photo was taken at a Steampunk convention in the USA in late 2016…

Join me for a glass of red wine and a fireside chat…

 I’m currently exploring England, so if you’re nearby, drop me a line!