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bonhams veteran london to brighton car run

Bonhams Veteran London to Brighton Car Run

Bonhams Veteran Car Run is the longest running motoring event in the world!  Photos now, details to come…                                                                             

white cliffs of dover from the sea

White Cliffs of Dover ~ from the Sea!

Want to visit the White Cliffs of Dover?  By far the best way is from the sea! After travelling from St Leonard’s Warrior Square Station to Dover, via Ashford International Station (the trip is about one and a half hours), then a short taxi ride to the seafront, I met the crew at Dover Sea Safari for … Read more

Europe Asia America Africa Antartica Australia Signpost Showing Continents For Travel Or Tourism

Why I left the USA after 10 years

I had always wanted to live in America… Growing up in a small seaside town in working-class Australia, I always knew that one day I would move to the USA.  I didn’t know how, but I always knew one day… Well, in 2006-7, one day happened and I then lived an amazing ten years there, spending … Read more


What is a Staycation?

Staycations – What are they and why are they sometimes better than a vacation? A staycation is essentially a short period of time – even if it’s simply a weekend – where you either stay home, or you book into a hotel somewhere near where you live. Many families prefer a staycation not only because it’s affordable, … Read more

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory ~ Home of Greenwich Mean Time

The Royal Observatory and the Greenwich ‘Time Line’ have been on my bucket list for ages…  Photos now, details to come…                                      

wifi booster extender travel

Wifi Booster – How to extend wifi range when travelling

What is a Wifi Booster? You’ve been there…  That place – be it hotel, house, office or hotspot – where the wifi signal is so weak that your connection goes on and off with frustrating regularity, or perhaps it stays connected but takes seemingly forever to download those important files… With all the elements that can … Read more

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Who is the Luxurious Nomad?

Hello!  I am Leigh St John – my friends call me Bella – and I am an author, entrepreneur, coach, red wine enthusiast, self-confessed geek, lover of all things Victorian and steampunk, and Luxurious Nomad!

I am originally from Australia and did not even catch the travel bug until I was in my 30s.  After exploring much of ‘down under’ and parts of New Zealand, I then travelled through much of Asia, lived almost 10 years in the USA (spent significant time in 42 states – all by road), several trips to Canada (including the Winter Olympics) and now off exploring amazing places in the UK and Europe.

I have managed to create a dream life of luxury that does not cost a fortune (and in some instances is actually cheaper!), allows me to live a ‘laptop lifestyle’ (aka working from my computer in exotic locations), enjoy good red wine (a must!), meet interesting people, explore fascinating places…

No nine-to-five, no mortgage, no hectic schedules…  Do I work?  Yes, but when you are doing it beside a waterfall because that is where you choose to work for the day, or in a quaint Irish pub another day… it is amazing how much FUN your work can be!

Join me and learn how you, too, can live the life of a Luxurious Nomad…

leigh st john - luxurious nomad - steampunk

…and I have just turned 50!  (the photo above was taken only a couple of months before my birthday)…  I think I am holding up reasonably well for my age (just don’t look too closely!  LOL!…  Must be all the red wine antioxidants!)

Stay tuned for lots of fabulous events – including, despite the fact that I have MS, Lupus and some other mobility & health issues, I am climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in 2017 – seriously!  (that’s the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, in case you were wondering…)

If you would like to join us, you will need to get in quickly…  Just go to the contact page and shoot me an email.



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