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What is Boingo Free Wifi?


OK, to begin with, Boingo is not free, however with being so inexpensive and convenient, it often feels like it is!

For a relatively small monthly fee (or pay as you go), Boingo claim to provide wifi hotspots in over one million places right across the globe.

The process is simple:

  • Download the app to any Mac, Windows 10, Android or iOS device (mobile, tablet and laptop)
  • Sign up for the package that best suits your needs
  • Voila!

Not only can you search for hotspots in any location, the app will automatically connect you when you arrive.

Once connected, you can do anything you would normally with your regular wifi service.

There are a multitude of pros for this service – price, convenience, availability…

The only real con (and it’s not much of one) is that some areas do not have as many hotspots as you might like.  However, in saying that – in ANY of the major centers in the world, you will be literally walking from one hotspot to the next to the next…

Some reviews have mentioned a problem with cancelling the monthly package when you no longer need it – I’ve never had that problem.

I suggest before heading off, you research your particular location by using their location finder.

Another benefit of using Boingo over free public hotspots is that Boingo uses a secure encrypted connection so your data is safer.

Do your homework before signing up for any service, but Boingo has worked well for me when I’m abroad (and that’s a lot!) and saved me a ton on international roaming charges!

If you need more information, click over to this article on staying connected when you travel.

By Leigh St John, aka the Luxurious Nomad

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