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Over 500 Bucket List Items – and more than half already checked off!

Today I checked off another two items on my bucket list – and that prompted me to go back through and take another look at not only what I still want to see and do, but also what I have already accomplished and checked off the list!

I am a great believer in deciding what you want, believing that you can and will have it, and then moving in the direction of that dream – even if you are not yet able to see exactly how it will all pan out…

That’s how I have been able to check off sooooo many amazing things in my Bucket List – that now has over 500 items on it – and more than half of which I have already checked off!

A great many people make comments such as, “oh, I have to add that to my bucket list!” but rarely do they actually do that – and without a list, without capturing that great thought, idea, place, or experience, it is often forgotten and thus never achieved…

When I found the above quote, it really resonated with me as that’s pretty much how I feel every day…

I would love for you to check out my Bucket List and let me know what you think?

Everyone can make excuses for not doing the things they want to do… and if you know me at all, you know I do my best to live by Yoda’s saying:

Do or do not – there is no try!

I would love it if my Bucket List can inspire even one person to take the leap, to step out of their comfort zone, and to do something they have always wanted to do…

Soooooo, I have but one question to ask you…

~ Bella

1066 Battle of Hastings

1066 Battle of Hastings – 950th Anniversary

I feel ever so honoured to be here in Hastings for the 950th anniversary of the 1066 Battle of Hastings.  Battle Abbey is magnificent!  I will add information and commentary later – wanted to at least upload the photos now…

2016-10-15-12-55-45  2016-10-15-12-54-51  2016-10-15-12-01-02  2016-10-15-11-59-06  p1010104  p1010103  p1010102  p1010101  p1010099  p1010098  p1010097  p1010096  p1010095  p1010094  p1010093  p1010092  p1010091  p1010090  p1010089  p1010088  p1010087  p1010086  p1010085  p1010080  p1010079  p1010078  p1010077  p1010076  p1010075  p1010074  p1010073  p1010072
p1010069  p1010068
p1010067   p1010066   p1010064  p1010063   p1010062
p1010058  p1010057  p1010055
p1010052  p1010051  p1010050  p1010049  p1010048
p1010047  p1010046
p1010045  p1010044  p1010043  p1010042
p1010039  p1010038  p1010037  p1010036  p1010035  p1010034  p1010033  p1010032   p1010031  p1010030
p1010027   p1010025  p1010013  p1010014  p1010015  p1010016  p1010017  p1010018  p1010019  p1010020  p1010021  p1010022   p1010023 p1010024  p1010025  p1010027  p1010028  p1010029

roman baths

Historic Bath and the Roman Baths

Bath is one of the most beautiful of places – and the Roman Baths are extraordinary!  I am yet to add the information to this post – but wanted to at least get the photos up…

2016-10-02-08-16-42  2016-10-02-08-17-19  2016-10-02-08-19-15  2016-10-02-08-20-54
2016-10-02-08-26-32  2016-10-02-08-36-39  2016-10-02-08-36-57  2016-10-02-08-37-34  2016-10-02-08-38-05  2016-10-02-08-40-41  2016-10-02-08-41-24  2016-10-02-08-41-56  2016-10-02-08-42-43  2016-10-02-08-43-13  2016-10-02-08-43-56  2016-10-02-08-44-25  2016-10-02-08-44-39  2016-10-02-08-45-21  2016-10-02-08-46-05  2016-10-02-08-46-16
2016-10-02-08-46-30  2016-10-02-08-46-42  2016-10-02-08-47-10  2016-10-02-08-47-34  2016-10-02-08-52-23  2016-10-02-08-59-05  2016-10-02-08-59-22  2016-10-02-08-59-39  2016-10-02-09-00-36  2016-10-02-09-01-29  2016-10-02-09-09-43  2016-10-02-09-10-22  2016-10-02-09-18-29
2016-10-02-09-46-01  2016-10-02-09-46-11  2016-10-02-09-50-06  p1000897  2016-10-02-09-52-10  2016-10-02-09-52-43  2016-10-02-09-53-11  2016-10-02-09-53-49  2016-10-02-09-54-54  2016-10-02-09-55-55  2016-10-02-09-57-34  2016-10-02-09-59-49  2016-10-02-10-02-50  2016-10-02-10-03-20  2016-10-02-10-04-17  2016-10-02-10-09-34  2016-10-02-10-10-35  2016-10-02-10-11-23  2016-10-02-10-12-37  2016-10-02-10-12-44  2016-10-02-10-21-03  2016-10-02-10-21-59  2016-10-02-10-22-21  2016-10-02-10-23-47  2016-10-02-10-24-25  2016-10-02-10-24-41  2016-10-02-10-27-44  2016-10-02-10-31-51  2016-10-02-10-32-13  2016-10-02-10-33-58  2016-10-02-10-34-14  2016-10-02-10-34-22  2016-10-02-10-35-37  2016-10-02-10-36-36  2016-10-02-10-37-34  2016-10-02-10-37-42  2016-10-02-10-41-17  2016-10-02-10-41-23  2016-10-02-10-41-59  2016-10-02-11-04-12  2016-10-02-11-26-57
2016-10-02-11-56-44  2016-10-02-11-58-22



Stonehenge is on just about everyone’s bucket list and when I finally checked it off mine, the feeling was very surreal…  I wanted to at least get the photos up…  Will add details soon…

2016-10-02-06-03-18  2016-10-02-06-03-32  2016-10-02-06-03-41  2016-10-02-06-03-53  2016-10-02-06-04-13  2016-10-02-06-04-21  2016-10-02-06-08-10  2016-10-02-06-08-15  2016-10-02-06-08-22  2016-10-02-06-08-45  2016-10-02-06-08-55  2016-10-02-06-09-28  2016-10-02-06-09-45  2016-10-02-06-09-58  2016-10-02-06-10-10  2016-10-02-06-11-48  2016-10-02-06-12-27  2016-10-02-06-12-46  2016-10-02-06-13-14  2016-10-02-06-13-49  2016-10-02-06-14-36  2016-10-02-06-14-52  2016-10-02-06-15-07  2016-10-02-06-15-17  2016-10-02-06-15-59  2016-10-02-06-16-10  2016-10-02-07-10-05  2016-10-02-07-10-53  2016-10-02-07-12-10  2016-10-02-07-13-13  2016-10-02-07-14-01  2016-10-02-07-14-14  2016-10-02-07-15-04  2016-10-02-07-15-37  2016-10-02-07-27-24  2016-10-02-07-31-20  2016-10-02-07-31-24

travel bucket list

Creating Your Travel Bucket List

travel bucket listDo you have a travel bucket list?

Creating your travel bucket list should be fun. It is what should inspire you to lead a more exciting and fulfilling life. But, sometimes, it can be difficult and overwhelming creating one. You have so much to see and experience in the world and only just little time to do it that you might be wondering what places of interest you should incorporate into your travel bucket list.

So, how do you begin creating your travel list?

The first thing you need to do is to get some basic tools ready. Whether it’s on physical paper or online (my favourite tool for this is Evernote), you need a place not only to write down your ideas when you get them, but also to add web clippings and other information as you come across things. Also, as you accomplish each item on your list, you will cross it off.

Accomplishing each of them can be incredibly satisfying – at least it certainly has been for me!  Here’s my bucket-list, complete with both items achieved and those still to achieve.

Now, grab your pen or open your program, and start brainstorming all the exciting and wonderful places you would like to visit in not too distant future.

Your bucket list should be very personal. You might include all the travel destinations you have always dreamed of. Think back to the periods you were younger and places you dreamed of visiting when you grew up. If you had wanted to travel to many parts of the world, why not list them down now?

As people age, they often tend to dismiss their childhood dreams as unattainable and unrealistic. However, these childhood dreams can be a great resource for your travel list ideas, and depending on your present lifestyle or taste, you can turn these dreams into achievable goals. You will discover that creating your list from your fantasies can be fun.

If you have heard about some fantastic cities like Paris, Sao Paulo, London, Dubai; and some countries such as Guatemala, Italy, South Africa and other beautiful travel destinations, you might include them on your list.

Also, think about your interests or hobbies. Which of those travel destinations can provide you with your hobbies or interest? Then, proceed to list them in your travel list.

When you look at my bucket list, you will also see activities such as swim with dolphins, go horse-riding in the snow, or be a volunteer at “il Club di Guilietta” (ref ‘Letters to Juliet’)…

As you progress through life, ensure that your travel bucket list notebook or app is always within your reach. As time goes on, your notebook/app will remind you of fantastic places you want to visit.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of our dreams in order to take the first step toward them…

…and let me know what amazing items are on your list.  You may inspire me to add to mine!