Today’s Office…

It’s a hard life when this is your office for the day… The cruise ship, Ocean Majesty was in the harbour for a visit… …and it’s a good thing they are not superstitious about name changes, as she has been called: 1966–1985: Juan March 1985–1986: Sol Christina 1986–1988: Kypros Star 1988–1994: Ocean Majesty 1994–1995: Olympic… Read more

Leigh (Bella) St John

My Office on The River Thames

There are worse places to sit and work for the day than on the dock of an historic hotel, beside the River Thames… Fluffy river companion…  (I do miss having a fluffy companion – one of the drawbacks of this amazing lifestyle…) Sitting here, working away – the river provided… Read more

Leigh (Bella) St John

Luxurious Nomad Luxury Skin Care for Pennies!

I had a most delightful conversation yesterday with a lovely waitress at one of my ‘local watering holes’ where I eat, drink and work. She is a beautiful young woman of twenty-five – and when we were joking about her being a quarter of a century, she was astonished when… Read more

Leigh (Bella) St John
Skyroam Mobile Hotspot: Global WiFi // Unlimited Data // Connect 5 Devices // Pay-as-you-go // SIM-Free Coverage in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia

Stay connected EVERYWHERE with this portable WIFI hotspot

SkyRoam – Portable WIFI hotspot with unlimited data just about anywhere in the world… I am officially in love with this gizmo! Imagine getting off the plane, train or automobile in some foreign land and being able to connect immediately to friends, family, the internet in general… That is all… Read more

Leigh (Bella) St John
wifi booster extender travel

Wifi Booster – How to extend wifi range when travelling

What is a Wifi Booster? You’ve been there…  That place – be it hotel, house, office or hotspot – where the wifi signal is so weak that your connection goes on and off with frustrating regularity, or perhaps it stays connected but takes seemingly forever to download those important files… With… Read more

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digital nomad toolkit

Digital Nomad Toolkit – Gadgets, Gizmos, Apps…

…I’m still writing this post! – but you can read what I have so far… Every Luxurious Nomad has a whole slew of gadgets, gizmos, apps and platforms that allow her/him to live the life of a location-free digital nomad, and for the purpose of this article, I’ll call them… Read more

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how-much-data will I use overseas

How do I calculate how much data I will use when I travel?

International Roaming Charges, Prepaid Packages…  How do I know which one to get and how much it will cost me? Don’t worry – this used to stump me, too… and I’m a geek, and it still stumped me! Here’s a relatively simple way to calculate how much data you will need… Read more

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boingo Wifi Button On Mobile Showing Hotspot Or Internet Connection

What is Boingo Free Wifi?

Boingo? OK, to begin with, Boingo is not free, however with being so inexpensive and convenient, it often feels like it is! For a relatively small monthly fee (or pay as you go), Boingo claim to provide wifi hotspots in over one million places right across the globe. The process is simple:… Read more

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stay connected when travelling

How to stay connected when you Travel?

Travel wifi?  Free hotspots?  Skyroam?  Boingo? Not sure how to stay connected when you travel? Travelling is fun and enjoyable – and part of that fun is when you capture memories and scenic views and upload them to social networking sites.  Sharing with your tribe is one of the best parts! In terms of… Read more

Leigh (Bella) St John