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My Luggage Concierge…

What is a luggage concierge?

luggage concierge

As you may know, I no longer have a bricks and mortar home anywhere on the planet.  Instead, I travel the globe and, apart from some belongings that are in a small storage unit, my entire now life follows me in eight suitcases that my wonderful luggage concierge service picks up and one destination and magically makes it reappear at my next!

Who is this magical service?

http://www.excess-international.com/ – my direct contact is Nick, but anyone there will be able to help you and they are all ever so lovely.

While they are only an international service (going from one country to another) I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

So, what is involved in using a luggage concierge?

The first step is to contact them and book the dates for your luggage relocation – with as much time in advance as possible.

They then email you with forms to fill in for the relevant customs etc, depending upon the country of your destination.

…and a note, suggest doing this before you start packing as you need to list the entire contents of each suitcase (not just ‘personal effects’) for customs declarations.

They the arrange everything!  Literally everything.

You are advised of the confirmed date of pickup and approximately window for arrival at your destination, they send you the labels that you need to print and put on the outside of the luggage (made easier to stick when you have the plastic luggage sleeves you see in the photo above) – and they take care of the rest!

Please note as well, that as with most services, this is door to door – meaning ground floor at the front door.

How much does it cost?

While it obviously varies on how much and where you are going, I can say categorically that on average it is sooooooo much cheaper than any other way I have investigated at getting my luggage from A to B.

…and they take such good care of me – I couldn’t be happier!

What countries do they cover?

Most!  Personally, I have used them thus far (as I write this post) for the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, and Italy…

How do I contact them?

Phone +44 (0)20 8324 2074 or email them through the website http://www.excess-international.com/

…and let me know how it goes!

~ Bella

PS:  I also recommend the plastic covers you see in the above photo.  I bought them on Amazon.co.uk

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