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Why I left the USA after 10 years

I had always wanted to live in America…

Growing up in a small seaside town in working-class Australia, I always knew that one day I would move to the USA.  I didn’t know how, but I always knew one day…

Well, in 2006-7, one day happened and I then lived an amazing ten years there, spending significant time in 42 states – and loved it!

However, for the past couple of years, I had become increasingly disheartened with many cultural changes I was seeing taking place in my adopted country, and so, in 2016, I decided not to renew my residency visa and to leave my beloved country.

I lot of people ask me for specifics and given that I am more of a Pollyanna who likes to adhere to the Thumper (in Bambi) version of life (“if ya can’t say sumpin nice, don’t say nuffin at all”), I came across this clip from HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ that largely sums it up.

I still passionately love America, but now my path is to make somewhere else ‘home’.

Where is that somewhere else?  For the time being, it is wherever I lay my hat throughout England and Europe ~ the glorious life of a Luxurious Nomad…