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Travel Security for less than $10.00

Travel security and peace of mind is something close to the heart of many a traveller, but how do you achieve it – in this case, specifically for your luggage – without spending a fortune?

When travelling solo (since you don’t have a partner or companion to be a lookout if you need to go into a store, for instance), this is a constant challenge, yet it is possible to at least give your luggage an extra level of security.

So, how do you get travel security for less than $10?


While it won’t stop the determined thief (nothing will), this chain and combination lock is an excellent way to temporarily secure your luggage.

For instance, when travelling on many trains throughout Europe, your baggage is placed in a compartment at the end of your carriage.  Simply chaining them together (and possibly even to the railing on the compartment) is an excellent way of providing that extra little bit of piece of mind.

When travelling by yourself, one challenge that invariably arrives is what to do with your luggage when you use the rest-room?  While I’ve never had a problem with anyone tampering with nor stealing my luggage, on my future trips I must admit that I will feel slightly more at ease knowing they are at least secured together.

travel security

I found this chain in the ‘chains’ isle at Lowes (although you should be able to find it, or something similar, at any hardware store) and it was around $3.95.  It’s quite light-weight and when combined with a simple combination lock (that you can buy at hardware stores, many large pharmacies, department stores, even some supermarkets), gives at least an additional layer of security to your luggage.

One word of caution, in American airports, it is an offence to leave your luggage unattended.

Do you have other travel security tips?  Let me know so we can share them with the Tribe!

By Leigh St John, aka Luxurious Nomad


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