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Wifi Booster – How to extend wifi range when travelling

What is a Wifi Booster?

wifi boosterYou’ve been there…  That place – be it hotel, house, office or hotspot – where the wifi signal is so weak that your connection goes on and off with frustrating regularity, or perhaps it stays connected but takes seemingly forever to download those important files…

With all the elements that can interfere with a wifi signal – walls, other devices, metal appliances and more – it is quite common to find yourself in this situation.

So, what can you do about it?

This is where a wifi booster (also referred to as a wifi range extender) comes in.

Wifi boosters increase the existing wifi strength by receiving the wireless signals and repeating them with powerful amplifiers and antennas, extending your coverage by up to twice the range.

…and they are super-easy to install and use, and inexpensive!

After a lot of trial and error, research, testing and searching…

This is the wifi booster/extender I use and love:

wifi booster extenderBearExtender PC v3 USB WiFi Booster and Range Extender for Microsoft Windows


Here is the description as it appears on Amazon:

“BearExtender PC is a long range, high power 802.11n USB WiFi Antenna using special BearExtender technology that offers up to 4X the range of standard range WiFi products. BearExtender technology has received rave reviews from PC Magazine, Engadget, The Telegraph..

Maximum range
BearExtender technology combines a proprietary high sensitivity receiver with a powerful 1200 mW transmitter for long range Wi-Fi at an affordable price. This is 2- 4 times the power of built-in Wi-Fi cards built-in to most laptops. The 5 dBi external antenna cuts through interference and can be upgraded easily for even longer range.
BearExtender PC must be connected to a USB port on your computer and it boosts reception to just that computer. It is a great option to boost your computer’s Wi-Fi range when traveling, such as at an airport or a hotel. It can also be used in your home if your computer is in an area where it gets low bars.

Designed for Microsoft Windows
BearExtender was originally designed to help students at the University of California, Berkeley, connect to the campus wide Wi-Fi network called AirBears, hence the name BearExtender.

BearExtender PC is not a repeater, so it cannot boost Wi-Fi range to other devices like tablets or TVs at the same time. It boosts the range just for your PC, wherever you take your PC. Compatible with Wi-Fi networks only. Not compatible with 3G/4G. Not compatible with iOS, Android or Windows RT tablet operating system. Not a standalone repeater.
BearExtender PC works with laptop and desktop computers running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Windows 10 software is not included on CD but can be downloaded at BearExtender.com/win10.”

When you live a laptop-lifestyle as do I, being able to have a wifi signal – and especially a strong one – is an essential part of life!

By Leigh St John aka the Luxurious Nomad

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