My other Scottish Castle…

From their website:  “Ardoe House sits on an estate which was part of a 1,000 acre parcel of land gifted to Arbroath Abbey by Alexander II, King of Scotland way back in in 1244. It has been described and divided throughout the centuries as the sunny half and the shady… Read more

Lovely Majestic Hotel

It’s funny how different brands are represented differently in different countries. In Australia Marriott is a premium brand,whereas in American it is a budget brand.  In America, Ramada is very often a budget accommodation, but here in Romania, it is a five star brand. Anyway, I am recovering well (albeit… Read more

langtry manor

Langtry Manor

Staying in the Prince of Wales’ own suite! Have you heard of Lillie Langtry?  Perhaps if I said she was in a relationship with the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII and who built Langtry Manor for her – or perhaps if I told you she was the… Read more

white hart pub

Historic Harting Pub – The White Hart

I decided to visit Uppark just near Petersfield in the UK and rather than do it all in one long day trip, stayed overnight in the beautifully quaint historic Harting pub, The White Hart. Built in the 16th century, this Grade II listed pub is a pure delight. Located in picturesque ‘chocolate-box’… Read more

Appalachian resort

Appalachian Resort

The Appalachian Resort up in the mountains of New Jersey has been my ‘home sweet home’ for several months. Only about two hour’s drive (actually, a little less) from New York City, about two and a half hours from Philadelphia, and with two hot tubs, a heated pool, gym, cafe, bar, games… Read more

skytop lodge

Step back in time… Skytop Lodge, Pennsylvania USA

On the way to this lovely gem known as Skytop Lodge, one travels through a state park aptly named, “Promised Land”. Part luxury lodge, part adventure playground and part pure heaven, Skytop’s history dates back to 1925 where John Stubbs, Frederic Smith, Earl Mayne and Sam Packer envisioned a grand resort… Read more