bucket listDo you have a Bucket List?

It’s funny, a few years ago I found a bucket list I had created about 10 years earlier and to my amazement, I had achieved over 70% of what was on the list!  …even though I think I probably just wrote it, pondered it for a day or two and then put it in a notebook, not to be seen again for a decade…

So, here is my updated bucket list (and some other cool things I’ve done) with items already completed with strike-through and in italics.

Btw – I regularly add to this bucket list with cool things I come across that I want to do; places I have been, things I have experienced and soooo much more – and strike off things as I complete them, so feel free to check back from time to time…

I hope this list inspires you to create your bucket list!  (and the items in italics that are greyed out are items I have already achieved and crossed off!)

  1. Achieve over 50,000 Followers on Twitter (it’s down to around 37K now, and it was a wonderful experience building the following – it’s interesting that once I stopped actively building, the ‘fluff’ fell off and the ones that remain are constant, loyal followers)
  2. Acropolis, Greece
  3. Acton Scott working farm, Shropshire UK
  4. Adopt a Kepler Planetary System – the Pale Blue Dot Project (White Dwarf Research) is a non-profit organisation of professional astronomers that raises research funds for the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium – adopting a Kepler Star or Planetary System helps support their research
  5. Adopt a Rescue Dog
  6. A la Ronde, Devon, UK
  7. Alien – Meet a highly-evolved and loving Extra-terrestrial Alien   
  8. All events in the ‘English Season’ UK > Cartier International Polo (July), Chelsea Flower Show (May), Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival (March), Cowes Week (August), Epsom Derby (June), Formula 1 British Grand Prix (July), Goodwood Festival of Speed (June/July), Glorious Goodwood (August), Glyndebourne Opera Festival (May-August), Henley Royal Regatta (June), Last Night of the Proms (September), Louis Vuitton Classic (June), Royal Ascot (June), The Boat Race (March/April), The Grand National (April), The Queen’s Club Aegon Tennis Championship (June), Wimbledon (June).
  9. Amalfi Coast
  10. Angel Oak
  11. Antebellum Homes – I have actually visited just about every antebellum (pre-Civil War) home of significance in America
  12. Arabia Steamboat Museum (the largest single collection of pre-Civil War artifacts in the world)
  13. Area 51 – to the heavily-guarded border thereof – and you can also watch the unmarked Area 51 planes (or Janet flights, so-named for their Janet call sign) taking off and landing at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas
  14. Arrive by Helicopter
  15. Arrive by Sea Plane
  16. Ashford Castle, Ireland
  17. Aspen
  18. Atalaya Castle
  19. Ate squirrel and rabbit gumbo (where both critters were shot on the same premises they were cooked and eaten – certainly an ‘interesting’ experience but not one I recommend! (for you or the squirrel!))
  20. Athens, Greece
  21. Attend a Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas
  22. Attend a Polo Match
  23. Attend a Rodeo
  24. Attend all three Triple Crown events UK – Private Box
  25. Attend an Eagles concert – when all original band members were still alive
  26. Attend an Event with International Heads of State
  27. Attend an international basketball game
  28. Attend an international soccer match
  29. Attend a ‘State of Origin’ match
  30. Attend College Football Game (LSU @ Tiger Stadium) & Tail-gating
  31. Attend International Surfing Competitions (not as a competitor!)
  32. Attend Invitation-Only Winemaker’s Dinner
  33. Attend Private Event in US House of Representatives
  34. Attend Revolutionary & Civil War Re-Enactments
  35. Attend the Opera in a Private Box
  36. Attend Zulu Lundi Gras
  37. Attend Renaissance Festival
  38. Attended a Louisiana Cajun Boucherie
  39. Attended an international IndyCar race – the sound is truly awesome, like giant mosquitoes whose buzz you can feel in every fibre of your being
  40. Australian Outback
  41. Austria
  42. Avebury, Wiltshire UK
  43. Bagni Wildbad Thermal Bath Resort Ruins – Innichin, Italy
  44. Ballindalloch Distillery, Scotland, UK
  45. Bath Abbey, UK
  46. Battle Abbey
  47. Battle of Hastings (1066) 950th anniversary on the site of the battle (this was SO cool!
  48. Beach landing in an aircraft – flying from Glasgow or Benbecula to Barra, Scotland, UK (and the landing strip (aka the beach!) actually disappears twice per day due to tides!)
  49. Be a Ghost-Writer
  50. Become independently wealthy
  51. Be honorable, respectful and a good steward of the blessings bestowed upon me
  52. Bekonscot Model Village, Beaconsfield UK
  53. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon UK
  54. Be the voice for an animated feature film
  55. Been on stage with Jay Leno
  56. Biltmore
  57. Birdoswald Trail along Hadrian’s Wall, UK
  58. Blarney Castle, Ireland
  59. Blenheim Palace, UK
  60. Blists Hill Victorian Town, Shropshire, UK
  61. Blue Caves, Zakynthos Islands, Greece
  62. Blue Ridge Mountains, USA
  63. Boat License
  64. Bonfire on the Beach
  65. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, UK
  66. Boston, USA
  67. Bought a quality western cowboy (or should that be cowgirl) hat and had it custom-fitted (I love bespoke experiences like that!)
  68. Bowl a 200+ game
  69. Braemar Gathering
  70. Brasov, Romania
  71. Brewed Beer
  72. Brighton, England
  73. Bring a Stranger Home for Dinner
  74. Brooklyn Bridge
  75. Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Bristol, UK
  76. Buchanan Castle, Scotland UK
  77. Bucharest, Romania
  78. Buckfast Abbey, Devon UK
  79. Buckingham Palace, UK
  80. Build a Blanket Fort (with multiple rooms, of course!
  81. Build a Labyrinth
  82. Build a smart-phone app (several)
  83. Build a Snowman
  84. Build a Clock
  85. Build a Water Feature
  86. Build several businesses (some were successes – some were monumental failures – although thankfully there were more of the former than the latter!)
  87. Build Websites
  88. Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur
  89. Buy jewellery at Tiffany & Co.
  90. Buy something at an Auction
  91. Cambridge University, UK
  92. Camera Obscura, Scotland UK
  93. Camping By Myself – beside a lake… it was magical!
  94. Canada
  95. Canal Boat Trips through UK and Europe
  96. Canal De Corinto, Greece
  97. Cannes Film Festival – with one of my films entered
  98. Cape Cod USA
  99. Carnac Stones, France
  100. Castell Coch, Wales UK
  101. Catalina Island
  102. Change clothes in an old red phone booth
  103. Channel Islands, UK
  104. Charleston, South Carolina – one of my favorite places on the planet
  105. Chateau de Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France
  106. Chateau Montelena, USA
  107. Chateau Rhinafa, Wales UK
  108. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire UK
  109. Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel (with a vintage rail carriage as my state room)
  110. Cheddar Cave, Somerset, UK
  111. Chetham’s Library, Manchester UK
  112. Chopsticks – I can use them, but it’s not pretty!  LOL!
  113. Christmas Caroling
  114. Churn Butter By Hand
  115. Civil Rights Museum in Lorraine Hotel
  116. Clambake
  117. Claridge’s – stay there as my regular base in London UK
  118. Classic Car Rallies and Concours events
  119. Climbed all 272 steps of the Batu Cave Temple in Malaysia (complete with an army of macaque monkeys ‘helping’ every step of the way)
  120. Co-Host Drive Time on Major Commercial Radio Station
  121. Coliseum (this place was AWEsome in every sense of the word!
  122. Competition Ballroom Dancing (as a teenager, and won two awards)
  123. Concours of Elegance, UK
  124. Coney Island, USA
  125. Conquered fear of Public Speaking (and a good thing, too, given that I chose to go into the field of media and entertainment!)
  126. Contact one or more of my heroes – I sent a copy of Quantum Lace Book One to two of my heroes – Lord Julian Fellowes and Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe – and both emailed me back with very positive comments!
  127. Contact someone I don’t know who also has my name
  128. Continually improve my diction and enunciation
  129. Continually Learn about Quantum Physics
  130. Continue to explore my ancestry, including visiting places from which they originated
  131. Continue to facilitate inspiring events…
  132. Continue to make a difference and help people achieve their dreams…
  133. Continue to regularly attend exhibitions at the Smithsonian, USA
  134. Cook and eat a fish I caught (but no, I didn’t clean it!)
  135. Coral Castle, Florida USA
  136. Cotswold Olimpick Games, Gloucestershire, UK (June)
  137. Crack a Whip
  138. Crater Lake
  139. Create My Own Family Crest
  140. Crooked House Pub, Dudley, UK
  141. Cross the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in a canal boat
  142. Cruise the Crinan Canal on The Clyde Puffer – VIC 32 – Crinan, Argyll, Scotland – UK
  143. Crystal Cave, Vatnajökull, Iceland
  144. Cuddle a Koala
  145. Daily continue to see the beauty, give and receive love, enjoy the bliss and be thankful to God…
  146. Daily Full-page “Life with Leigh” series in Major Metro Newspaper
  147. Daily Successfully manage several health and mobility ‘challenges’ that sometimes slow me down but never stop me from doing something I reeeeeeally want to do…
  148. Danced/Played the giant piano in FAO Swartz in New York
  149. Dartmouth Royal Regatta (August) UK
  150. Death Valley, USA
  151. Debrett’s Quintessentially British Programme UK
  152. Debutante Ball – yes, I was actually a debutante when I was a teenager and attended my debutante ball, complete with long white dress, dashing partner… It was magical
  153. Dennis Severs’ House, London UK
  154. Develop a fictional character I love and publish stories about her journeys (click here to meet Bridgit!)
  155. Develop a range of inspirational books, journals, items etc from my photography
  156. Develop/achieve my ideal body – fit, healthy, flexible, and sexy
  157. Difference Engine – Babbage’s prototype computer – London, UK
  158. Dined at the Boat House in Central Park
  159. Discover my signature perfume
  160. Disneyland, USA
  161. Dive on “Christ of the Abyss” off San Fruttuoso, Italian Riveria – Italy
  162. Do my own gel nails – such a fabulous treat, especially when globe-trotting and not needing to find a salon!
  163. “Do or do not – there is no try”  Yoda
  164. Do several ‘staycations’ where you stay in a hotel in your city and be a tourist in your own town
  165. Do something ‘big’ completely on faith
  166. Donate Blood
  167. Don’t talk to/with anyone for an entire three-day long weekend
  168. Dover Castle, UK
  169. Dracula’s Castle in Romania
  170. Drink milk/juice from a fresh coconut
  171. Drink more water!  
  172. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
  173. Drive Across the USA Coast to Coast and Top to Bottom (several times)
  174. Drive entire length of Historic Route 1 / Hwy 101 from Mexico to Canada
  175. Drive in Celebrity Speedway Race
  176. Dropped 75lb after putting it on during an illness (still have more to drop and am not yet back to my normal size, but every day I get closer!)
  177. Dubai
  178. Dún Aonghasa, Galway Ireland
  179. Dursey Island cable car, Cork Ireland
  180. Duxford Airshow, UK
  181. Easter Island
  182. Eat a a Michelin award-winning restaurant (several!)
  183. Eat at a revolving restaurant
  184. Eat Crocodile
  185. Eat Fried Grasshopper
  186. Eat Kangaroo
  187. Eat Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  188. Eat possibly the world’s best Lobster Slider – Plymouth (near ‘the rock’)
  189. Edgar Cayce Museum, USA
  190. Edinburgh Castle, UK
  191. Edinburgh Military Tattoo, UK
  192. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland UK
  193. Elvis Presley Aircraft Museum
  194. Email someone I admire – I emailed Professor Fred Alan Wolf (one of the world’s best-known quantum physicists) with the first chapter of my Quantum Lace series asking for his feedback on whether my physics was sound – and he replied with a wonderful message in the affirmative! 
  195. Emergency Paramedic Ride-a-long
  196. English Riviera – Torquay, Devon
  197. Entertain elderly people at a nursing home
  198. Etiquette – continually improve my knowledge and application thereof
  199. Experience a Real White Christmas
  200. Experience a tornado
  201. Explore a Completely Uninhabited Ghost Town
  202. Explore an abandoned amusement park
  203. Experience Chinese Cupping Therapy
  204. Fairy Glen – Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland UK
  205. Fairy Penguins on Phillip Island
  206. Fairy Pools in Scotland UK (https://wowscotlandtours.com/tours-from-inverness/private-day-tours-inverness/private-fairy-pools-tour/)
  207. Fairy Rock, Whitehaven UK
  208. Fan Bay Deep Shelter, Dover UK
  209. Faery Circles in Ireland
  210. ‘Fellsman’ Steam Train – Settle to Carlisle + classic coach + historic steamer on Ullswater Lake (http://statesmanrail.com/fellsman.html)
  211. Finch Foundry, Devon UK
  212. Find and purchase a copy of the original book, “The Making of Star Trek”
  213. Find True, Pure, Blissful Joy in pretty much every moment…
  214. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland UK
  215. First-Class Overnight Train Trip from Vienna to Rome
  216. Fishbourne Roman Palace, West Sussex, UK
  217. Fishbowl Margarita in El Paso
  218. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland
  219. Fly a Plane
  220. Fly in a helicopter
  221. Fly in a Spitfire over the English Channel – Goodwood – UK
  222. Fly Internationally First Class
  223. Forbidden Corner, Coverham UK
  224. Forgive and move on
  225. Fort Sumter – the official start of the American Civil War
  226. Fossick for Thunder Eggs on Tamborine Mountain
  227. Fota Wildlife Park, Ireland
  228. Fountains Abbey, UK
  229. Four-wheeling over monster sand-dunes
  230. French Quarter in New Orleans
  231. Front-row-center at Don McLean concert
  232. Fundraising for various causes
  233. Galloway Forest Park, the only Dark Sky Park in Scotland – and hopefully even see the Northern Lights! UK
  234. Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire UK
  235. Get caught in a dust storm with zero visibility (Ok, so not something I planned, but experience worthy of the list)
  236. Giant’s Causeway, Ireland
  237. Gleniff Horseshoe, Ireland
  238. Glow Worm cave
  239. Goodwood Revival Classic Car Race UK
  240. Go on a Blind Date – and it ended up being to a Rolling Stones concert!
  241. Go on a Cruise
  242. Go on a Hay Ride
  243. Go on a news fast – unless I have been a captive audience somewhere like a salon where a television has been directly in front of me, I have not watched the news nor read a newspaper since 2007!  If something happens I need to know about, someone is bound to tell me
  244. Gorgeous collection of Jewellery, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories
  245. Graceland
  246. Grand Canyon
  247. Grand Central Station
  248. Grand Ole Opry, USA
  249. Great Orme Tramway, Wales UK (March – October)
  250. Greece
  251. Greek Islands
  252. Grow all my own vegetables in my very own vegetable garden!
  253. Guest Soloist with Sydney Conservatory Choir
  254. Hadrian’s Wall, UK
  255. Haggle at an Asian Market
  256. Hand-carved, crafted and created a marionette
  257. Hastings Bonfire
  258. Hastings Castle
  259. Have an old-fashioned, physically posted letters pen-pal (his name was Sang Guy Lee and he was from South Korea)
  260. Have dinner, drinks and/or work with on an inspiring project (in no particular order) – HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York ~ Sarah, Duchess of York ~ Dick Van Dyke ~ Sir Patrick Stewart ~ Stephen Fry ~ Christopher Plummer ~ Robert Redford ~ Barry Meguiar ~ Lord Julian Fellowes ~ Gerard Butler ~ Robert Osborne ~ Dame Judy Dench ~ Colin Firth ~ Dame Maggie Smith ~ Dr Fred Alan Wolf ~ Dr Leonard Susskind ~ Dr Brian Greene ~ Michael Caine ~ Donald Sutherland ~ Joel Osteen ~ Hugh Bonneville ~ George Noory ~ Peter Diamandis ~ Ina Garten ~ Nigella Lawson ~ Lee Strobel ~ Oprah Winfrey ~ Blake Shelton ~ Gwen Stefani ~ Tom Hanks ~ Drew Barrymore ~ Clint Eastwood ~ George Clooney ~ Jeff Goldblum ~ Michael J Fox ~ Tom Hiddleston ~ Alastair Bruce ~ Dr Bruce Lipton ~ Ken Burns ~ Rick Steves ~ Blythe Danner ~ Kate Winslet ~ Sandra Bullock ~ Will Smith…
  261. Hearst Castle USA
  262. Help a family who is homeless to get a job, a home and a new life
  263. Herculaneum, Italy
  264. Herd Cattle
  265. Highgate Cemetery, London UK
  266. Highland Games, Scotland UK (May-Sept)
  267. Hiking Through Rainforest
  268. Historic Santa Monica Pier
  269. Historic Vicksburg
  270. HMS Victory, Portsmouth England UK
  271. HMY Brittania UK
  272. Hold a Tarantula
  273. Hole in One (OK, so it was mini-golf!)
  274. Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny Ireland
  275. Hollyrood Abbey Ruins, Scotland UK
  276. Hollywood Walk of Fame (no, I’m not ON it, I just walked along it)
  277. Hoover Dam
  278. Horseback riding on the beach
  279. Horseback Riding through Antebellum Plantation
  280. Horseback riding in the snow
  281. Host “Achievers and Unsung Heroes” TV & radio shows
  282. Host a Christmas Party for people who have nowhere to go and no one with whom to spend the holidays
  283. Host “Going Green” TV show
  284. Host Movie Premieres at Warner Bros
  285. Hot air ballooning
  286. Hug a Redwood in the Redwood Forest
  287. Hyperbaric Chamber
  288. I absolutely ADORE what I do for a living and the clients with whom I work!
  289. Ice Hotel in Sweden
  290. Indonesia
  291. Improve my diction and elocution 
  292. Integrity and authenticity in all things
  293. Interlaken, Switzerland
  294. Ireland
  295. Ireland Seaweed Bath
  296. Isle of Man UK
  297. Isle of Wite UK
  298. Italian Riviera
  299. Iveragh Peninsula (The Ring of Kerry), Ireland
  300. Jack Daniels Distillery
  301. Jane Austen’s House Museum, UK
  302. Jarlshof, Shetland Islands UK
  303. Jekyl Island
  304. Jesse James’ family home
  305. Jet-boating
  306. John Rylands Library, Manchester UK
  307. Joshua Tree National Park, USA
  308. July 4th on the Water in Savannah, Georgia
  309. Kinema in the Woods, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire UK
  310. Kiss passionately in the rain
  311. Kiss the Blarney Stone, Ireland
  312. Kylemore Abbey, Ireland
  313. La Marmite Restaurant, St Moritz
  314. Lancaster Amish Country, USA
  315. Land’s End in Cornwall – Britain’s most easterly point UK
  316. Langtry Manor – this is the manor house that King Edward VII (then Prince of Wales) had built for Lillie Langtry and I actually stayed in the King’s private suite!  Magnificent!
  317. Lanhydrock House, Cornwall UK
  318. Lasik Eye Surgery
  319. Lasso a Fence Post – OK, so the post wasn’t moving, but it was still cool to do it!
  320. Lavender Fields, Norfolk, UK
  321. Lead in Musical Theater
  322. Leadenhall Market, London UK
  323. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  324. Leap Castle, Roscrea, Offaly Ireland – considered the world’s most haunted castle
  325. Learn CPR
  326. Learn Sign Alphabet
  327. Learn to better appreciate wine
  328. Learn to Salsa
  329. Learn to sew, knit, embroider, macrame and crochet – none of which I do exceedingly well 
  330. Learn to Tango
  331. Learn to Throw a Clay Pot
  332. Leave nothing ‘unsaid’
  333. Le Mans 24 Hour Race, France
  334. Line Dancing
  335. Live in a house with secret passageways…
  336. Live in a Marina (again)
  337. Live in a luxury ski resort for a year and a half – just glorious!
  338. Live in a two-storey villa in a 4.5 star resort with a friend’s 65′ yacht moored at my front door
  339. Live in Las Vegas
  340. Live in USA (my dream since I was a small child) – I lived there for ten years
  341. Live on a Yacht for a Week
  342. Live on the Great Barrier Reef
  343. Live with Private Beach at my Doorstep
  344. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales UK – and yes, I actually can pronounce it!  (The name translates to “Saint Mary’s Church in a hollow of white hazel near the swirling whirlpool of the church of Saint Tysilio with a red cave”)
  345. Loch Lomond, Scotland UK
  346. Loch Ness UK
  347. London to Brighton Veteran Car Run (as a spectator – still yet to do it as a participant)
  348. Long Room Library at Trinity College, Dublin Ireland
  349. Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall UK
  350. Louvre, France
  351. Love Unconditionally
  352. Low Country Boil
  353. (ref scene in Pretty Woman) Lunch at Bar at the Beverley Wilshire (they’ve redecorated since the movie)
  354. Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway, Devon UK
  355. Machu Pichu
  356. Made my living as a Professional Entertainer
  357. Made paper by hand
  358. Magic Circle Museum, London UK
  359. Magnificent Historic Charleston, South Carolina
  360. Major art and architectural icons through Europe
  361. Make a Difference in Someone’s Life
  362. Make a Kiva loan
  363. Make an entire Chess Set by hand – including all the pieces and the board!
  364. Malaysia
  365. Manage a Charity Feeding Homeless Children
  366. Mardi Gras Ball
  367. Mark Twain’s beloved Hannibal Missouri
  368. Marqueyssac Gardens, France
  369. Martha’s Vineyard USA
  370. Maunsell Army Sea Forts, UK
  371. Medieval Festival
  372. Meet and fall mutually in love with the Man of my Dreams
  373. Member of Mensa
  374. Memphis, USA
  375. Member of various Private Members’ Clubs
  376. Mermaid Inn, Rye, UK – 12th century haunted pub
  377. Met Masaru Emoto
  378. Met the Principals of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet & had front row seats
  379. Meteora Floating Monasteries just 4 hours outside Athens, Greece
  380. Mexico
  381. Milk Cows both by Hand and Machine
  382. Minack Theatre in Cornwall UK
  383. Monaco
  384. Monaco Grand Prix
  385. Monticello
  386. ‘Monuments Men’ – Attended Private Book Signing with the Author and Bill Murray (who was one of the stars of the film)
  387. Moonshine
  388. Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero Blues Club
  389. Morris Dancers at the medieval Fleece Inn near Evesham, Worcs, UK
  390. Morwellham Quay, Devon, UK
  391. Mount Olympus, Greece
  392. Mount Vernon
  393. Mud Bath
  394. MV Plassy, Inis Oírr, Galway Ireland
  395. Mystic Seaport
  396. Nantucket USA
  397. Naples
  398. Narraganset Rune Stone USA – I did visit Wickford, however couldn’t find the stone…
  399. Nashville
  400. Natchez Pilgrimage
  401. Natural Bridge in Virginia
  402. Natural Hot Springs
  403. Natural Pool, Santorini Greece
  404. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
  405. New Orleans
  406. Newport Tower
  407. Newport, Rhode Island
  408. New Year’s Eve on the river in Savannah, Georgia
  409. New Years Eve on Sydney Harbor
  410. New York City
  411. Niagara Falls (& also did a horse-drawn carriage ride in middle of winter – stunning!)
  412. ‘Nights in Rodanthe’ House USA
  413. Northern Lights in Scandinavia or Iceland
  414. North Laine, Brighton, UK
  415. Nova Scotia
  416. NY World’s Fair Globe USA
  417. Off-Roading Through Monster Sand Dunes
  418. Ogham Stones in Kerry & Killarney, Ireland
  419. Old railroad tunnels in Hope, British Columbia, Canada
  420. Oxford University, UK
  421. Own a grand piano
  422. Own AV Studio
  423. Own Personalized Private Label Wine
  424. Own several Civil War Gowns
  425. Own the Car of My Dreams – well, one of them (she’s a classic Jaguar convertible I restored who has been my constant travel companion for several years while living in the USA – when preparing to finally leave the States, I donated her to a children’s charity.  I just couldn’t bring myself to ‘sell’ her so I gave her to a children’s charity for them to use her to raise money, where she could continue to bring smiles to people…)
  426. Paddlewheel Boat Cruise on the Mississippi River
  427. Panama Canal
  428. Pantheon, Italy
  429. Paramedic ride-a-long
  430. Participate in a Variety Club Bash Fundraising Rally – dressed for several days as a cross between Elvira and Morticia Addams!
  431. Participate in Murder Mystery
  432. Pay it forward at a toll booth and pay for the car behind me – hey, we all talk about it, but have you ever DONE IT?
  433. Pebble Beach Concours USA
  434. Picnics are usually 5 Star with Vintage Crystal Glasses & Estate Silverware
  435. Pike’s Market USA
  436. Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfalls, Wales, UK
  437. Pixies’ Parlour UK (a cave in sandstone on the banks of the River Otter, about a mile south of the Otter Road bridge in Ottery St. Mary)
  438. Plant a memorial tree
  439. Play Bocce
  440. Play classical piano – not well!  LOL
  441. Pompeii, Italy
  442. Portico Library and Gallery, Manchester UK
  443. Portmeirion Village, Wales, UK
  444. Portofino, Italy
  445. Positano, Italy
  446. Posture and deportment – continue to improve
  447. Private Plane (I don’t want one, I just want to travel in one if I need to fly anywhere)
  448. Produce inspiring short films
  449. Put money into a stranger’s expired meter
  450. Puzzlewood, Coleford England UK
  451. QEII
  452. ‘Quantum Lace’ to be turned into a successful mini-series
  453. Queen Mary USA
  454. Really explore Napa Valley USA
  455. Rebuild a Car Engine (twice – and no, it wasn’t the same one! LOL!)
  456. Record an album
  457. Regularly make something with my own hands
  458. Regularly Send Handwritten Notes with Wax-Sealed Envelope, Written with Fountain Pen
  459. Rennes le Chateau, France
  460. Reverse a Trailer Around an Obstacle Course
  461. Ride a Camel
  462. Ride a Greyhound Bus across several States (boy, was that an experience!)
  463. Ride an Elephant
  464. Ride in a Tiger Moth
  465. Ride in a Tuk Tuk
  466. Ride on The Flying Scotsman UK
  467. Ride the Incline Railway (world’s steepest)
  468. Ride the L train in Chicago
  469. Ride up top on a double-decker bus in London
  470. Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire UK
  471. Rock of Cashel, Ireland
  472. Rocky Mountains, USA
  473. Roman Bath
  474. Romania
  475. Rome
  476. Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland UK
  477. Roughting Linn Waterfall, Northumberland, England UK
  478. Route 66
  479. Row 6 – Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Tour
  480. Royal Windsor Horse Show UK
  481. Royston Cave, Hertforshire, UK
  482. Ruby Falls
  483. Rye, UK
  484. Sailing
  485. Sailing on a tall ship
  486. Salisbury Cathedral Medieval Clock (oldest in the world), Salisbury UK
  487. Saltaire, West Yorkshire, UK
  488. Sam Cody’s (replica) of British Army Aeroplane No 1 at Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum in Farnborough UK
  489. San Antonio Riverwalk
  490. San Francisco Cable Car, USA
  491. Santorini, Greece
  492. Sardinia – Italy (Tomb of the Giants)
  493. Sat beside Walt Disney’s original “Dreaming Tree” on the farm where he grew up – while the original tree has fallen over, the trunk is still there, a sapling from the tree is growing next to it – and the entire field is awe-inspiringly beautiful!  Wild flowers that grow as high as your waist in some places…  It is one of my top 10 spots on the planet.
  494. Saut de Brot Bridge – Boudry, Switzerland
  495. Scotland UK
  496. Sean’s Bar – the oldest pub in Ireland and possibly the oldest in the world!  Athlone, Ireland
  497. See icebergs up close
  498. Sell 1 million + copies of my books
  499. Shear a Sheep
  500. Sheep Highway at Dunquin Pier, Ireland
  501. Shenandoah National Park, USA
  502. Shoot a Bow & Arrow
  503. Shopping on Rodeo Drive
  504. Shucking Oysters Fresh from the Fire at an Oyster Roast
  505. Silent (no talking) for 48 hour
  506. Sing for a Living
  507. Singapore
  508. Sistine Chapel, Italy
  509. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland
  510. Skara Brae, Scotland UK
  511. Skellig Michael, County Carey, Ireland
  512. Skinny dipping
  513. Slieve League, Ireland
  514. Sligo Abbey
  515. Smithsonian
  516. Smoky Mountains, USA
  517. Smoo Cave, Scottish Highlands UK
  518. Snorkled on the Great Barrier Reef
  519. Snowdon Mountain Railway, Wales UK
  520. Sorrento, Italy
  521. Speak Italian, French, German and Greek (I don’t need to be fluent, just enough to understand and to be understood)
  522. Speak on stage at the United Nations in New York
  523. Speak to a group of people who are hearing-impaired, with the assistance of sign-language translators
  524. Speak to a group of international delegates with the assistance of multi-lingual translators
  525. Spend a whole day at a luxury spa, then elegant dinner and a show
  526. Spent several inspiring hours at the Georgia Guidestones
  527. Spent Significant Time Touring Through 42 States (so far) – all by Road
  528. Spent three days travelling with the military covering a story on the dual lives of men and women in the Army Reserves
  529. Sponsor a retired working horse – well, actually I’m a softie and sponsored two!
  530. Spun wool
  531. Stand on the Greenwich Meridian Line
  532. Start a Non-Profit
  533. Statue of Liberty Crown USA
  534. Stay at a Dude Ranch
  535. Stay in a Glass Igloo at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland
  536. Stay in Glengorm Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland, UK
  537. Stay in a Lighthouse
  538. Stay in a luxury vintage rail car at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel (formerly a Victorian-Era rail station)
  539. Stay in Eco-Friendly Cavallo Point, California
  540. Stay in The Lighthouse Keepers Cottage, Lynton, Devon UK
  541. Stayed AirBnB
  542. Stayed in a number of glorious vintage hotels
  543. Stayed two nights in one of America’s most haunted B&Bs
  544. St. Dunstan-in-the-East Ruins, London UK
  545. Steampunk Festival
  546. Stewardship – be a respectful and mindful steward of my resources
  547. St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall UK
  548. St Moritz
  549. St. Nectan’s Kieve, UK
  550. Stokesay Castle, Ludlow, Shropshire UK
  551. Stonehenge
  552. Stone Mountain
  553. Struck by lightning – and obviously lived to tell the tale!  Actually, the lightning hit the roof of the garage I was in and went through the power line to the charger cable that was beside me – the spark arced from the cable to my leg, causing a weird burn/bruise-like injury, my hair stood on end, my heart started beating to a very different drum!  Not only that, but it fried the wiring in the garage and even literally ‘blew up’ the automatic sprinkler controller on the wall – we found pieces everywhere!
  554. Study Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University for a semester (for fun)
  555. Super Cars – Ridden in (but don’t want to own) Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, Maserati, McLaren; Haven’t ridden in (and don’t want to own) Bugatti; Haven’t ridden in (and DO want to own) Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar XK 120/150
  556. Survive an Illness that was supposed to kill me
  557. Swim in a Tea Tree Lake
  558. Swim with Horses off the Cornish Coast (http://www.atthepeepout.co.uk/)
  559. Swim Naked Under the Stars in a beautiful a lake
  560. Swim with Dolphins
  561. Switzerland
  562. Sydney Opera House
  563. Take an Improv class
  564. Target Pistol Shooting
  565. TCM Cruise as a VIP
  566. Teach at a World’s Top Business School
  567. Teach Someone who is Illiterate to Read – I volunteered as an adult literacy tutor for several years
  568. Teotihuacan
  569. Thailand
  570. The Glen, Sligo, Ireland
  571. The Grand Tour classic car rally/concours
  572. The House of Automata, Forres Scotland UK
  573. The Jacobite Steam Train Journey in Scotland UK
  574. Thermae Bath Spa – and watch the sunset from the rooftop pool, UK
  575. Tintagel Castle, Cornwal
  576. Tintern Abbey, Wales UK
  577. Tombstone, Arizona & OK Corral (where the shootout DIDN’T happen, by the way!!)
  578. Tour ~ and stay in ~ Castles across the UK and Europe
  579. Tour Historic Newport
  580. Tour Historic Philadelphia
  581. Tour Royal Selangor Pewter Factory in Kuala Lumpur
  582. Tour Stalagmite Caves
  583. Toured a submarine
  584. Toured an aircraft-carrier
  585. Tourlitis Lighthouse – Andros, Greece
  586. Tower of London, UK
  587. Traced my family tree back several hundred years and completed the Ancestry DNA analysis (I’m 40% UK, 26% Iberian Peninsula, 21% Scandinavian, 12% Irish and 1% from western Europe) – and am writing a novel based on some of the stories…  Stay tuned!
  588. Trans Siberian Railway
  589. Transfăgărășan Road – ‘Top Gear’ rated as most amazing road in the world
  590. Transylvania
  591. Travel the world full-time, 24/7, as a Luxurious Nomad – with a wonderful luggage concierge service picking up my cases at one amazing location and dropping them off at the next!
  592. Travel Through Asia
  593. Treat a Person who is Homeless to Thanksgiving Feast (I did this most every year when I lived in America)
  594. Troy archaeological site, Greece
  595. Truffles
  596. Tuscany, Italy
  597. Upperville Horse Show USA
  598. Unplug for an entire three-day weekend
  599. Use Limousines as primary method of transport when travelling
  600. Vaadhoo Island Sea of Stars, Maldives
  601. Venice, Italy
  602. Versailles, France
  603. Victor Borge 80th Birthday concert
  604. Victoria and Albert Museum UK
  605. Vienna
  606. View a piece of Harry Winston jewellery up close and personal
  607. Villa Honegg, Switzerland – stairway to heaven pool
  608. Vintage Rail Tours including Orient Express & Pullman Tours
  609. Visit ‘The General’ in Kennesaw Mountains
  610. Visit all Smithsonian Buildings in Washington
  611. Visit Cadillac Ranch
  612. Visit Churchill Downs (Home of Kentucky Derby)
  613. Visit every US state (42 down – 8 to go…)
  614. Visit Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie in Charleston, South Carolina
  615. Visit Grant Park in Chicago
  616. Visit just about every significant Antebellum Home in the USA
  617. Visit New Zealand
  618. Visit Painted Desert in New Mexico
  619. Visit Parkes Observatory
  620. Visit the original Laura Ingalls Wilder house
  621. Visit Times Square
  622. Visited The Alamo
  623. Visit with the two retired working horses I sponsored – Princes Risborough, UK
  624. Volunteer at a shelter
  625. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  626. Volunteer at “il Club di Guilietta” (ref ‘Letters to Juliet’) Italy
  627. Volunteer on a meal truck serving people who are homeless
  628. Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury, UK
  629. Walk over Sydney Harbour Bridge
  630. Washington DC, USA
  631. Watch the sun rise and set at the horizon while at the Beach (obviously not at the same beach!  LOL!)
  632. Weekly massages and facials
  633. Westminster Abbey, UK
  634. Whitby Abbey Ruins, UK
  635. White Cliffs of Dover – from the water!
  636. White Pass and Yukon Railway (Skagway AK to Whitehorse, Canada)
  637. White Turf Race, St Moritz
  638. Whiteford Lighthouse, Wales UK
  639. Willard Hotel in Washington
  640. Win Awards for my Photography
  641. Winchester Mystery House USA
  642. Windsor Castle, UK
  643. Windsor Ruins
  644. Winter Olympics in Whistler, Canada
  645. Winter – Scotland’s Enchanted Forest, UK
  646. Wistman’s Wood, Devon UK
  647. World’s oldest surviving Ferris Wheel – it is in Vienna and is BEAUTIFUL!
  648. Woven a basket from scratch, including creating the base in wood, drilling holes for the stays
  649. Wrap a Snake Around My Neck
  650. Write a song
  651. Write an Amazon #1 Best-Seller
  652. Ye Olde Trip to Jersulem – the oldest inn in England – Nottinghamshire, UK

…and whatever you do, have FUN with it!

~ Bella

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