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Bridge Across the Atlantic

It was a lovely brisk 1 degree C (33 degrees F) as I set out to cross a bridge over the Atlantic!

Technically, it is known as Clachan Bridge, and because the Clachan Sound connects to the Atlantic Ocean at both ends, meaning it has Altantic Ocean water flowing through it, the bridge came to be known as the Bridge over the Atlantic (Scottish Gaelic: a’ Dhrochaid thar a’ Chuain Siar).


The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth paid us a visit, just a little way along Loch Long from my holiday home... What was also interesting was the amount of air cover we had during that time - and afterward...  chinooks, just about every type of jet…
Kilmartin is one of my absolute favourite places in all of Scotland - while at first glance there doesn't seem much to see, there are in fact over 800 ancient monuments, stone circles, dolman, cairns, and other features within the Kilmartin Glen!  Add to that, it just feels amazing...  I am…

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