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…finally to McDonalds

This is no ordinary McDonalds…  Located in the heart of Subotica, it is the world’s only Art Nouveau McDonalds, and is housed in a historic 1912 building!

Welcome to….. McDonalds!

…complete with original fittings and fixtures!

Mission accomplished, it is time to head back to Novi Sad…

Boss for lunch, Renaissance for dessert

Since on this McDonald’s trip the intention was not to eat there, we stopped at Boss Cafe for lunch – I love this place!

…remember the winery we visited..?

…and Renaissance for dessert…



…and still on our McDonald’s trip, we finally reached lovely Subotica…

Hahaha…  Interesting – my Skopje trip was a couple of years ago!

Zvonko Bogdan Winery

…and no trip to McDonalds would be complete without a visit to a Serbian winery (we didn’t have time to do the tour, but I love the building!)

Finding McDonalds – but first, Park Heroja

Yes, you read that correctly – a friend and I did a road trip to Subotica (on the border between Serbia and Hungary) to find McDonalds – but not just any McDonalds…  More on that later.

First stop was Park Heroja…


Dropped something?

One day, a red ‘something’ appeared in the river…  The photos tell the story (and note just how shallow the Danube has become! – and note how strong the current is!)  Thankfully this is the secondary channel, not the main one all the barges and cruise ships use…

After a few days, someone came to do something about the red something…

Here come the Marine Gun-Boats!

Well, not quite.  The Serbian military were celebrating something and for several days were doing ‘float-bys’ up and down the Danube.

Perhaps number 36 needed a smoke screen?  Hmmmmm……..


Now you see it, now you don’t + Novi Sad party time!

The fog here can be incredible – not long after I took these photos, it was a complete white-out.

…but the next day, sunshine!  Oh, and don’t worry about the rusty railings – they have already been taken care of.

…and it was either then next night or the one after that, it was party time in Novi Sad!

Parties, fireworks, etc – they are a regular occurrence here in Novi Sad…

Quick trip back to Scotland…

I left a few things behind on my last visit, so made a quick trip back to collect them… some views of the area near Edinburgh on the river, and the iconic Firth of Forth Bridge (that’s the red one)…

Another ‘tough’ flight…