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Vienna’s beautiful Hotel Bristol

Vienna abounds with luxury, elegance, and beauty – and they were all combined in my experience last night at the Hotel Bristol.

Opened in 1892, this beautiful hotel was named after the British town of Bristol.

The photo above is from their website – I wasn’t able to catch one of the doorman myself…

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt resided at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna´s city center in 1910. From the hotel he was driven to the audience with Emperor Francis Joseph I. At the Bristol he met the first woman awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize (1905), the resolute Bertha von Suttner. Six years before, she had visited him at the White House, where he told her about his mission to make peace between Japan and England. In 1906, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for that – as the first US American. But Roosevelt had ridiculed Suttner’s peace organization in the press, which led to a lively debate between them. [from Hotel Bristol’s website]

For me, no such high-stakes discussion…  First, a drink in the bar…

…then into the dining room for dinner…

…and what was for dinner?  (a huuuuge!) Wiener Schnitzel, of course!

~ Bella

PS:  I decided to go back for lunch today – and it was surprisingly affordable!  Only €26 for three courses… and there was more than enough food to provide an elegant sufficiency for the entire remainder of the day, without even needing dinner.

Beef Tartar


…and Sacher Torte


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