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Appalachian resort

Appalachian Resort

The Appalachian Resort up in the mountains of New Jersey has been my ‘home sweet home’ for several months.

Appalachian resort

Only about two hour’s drive (actually, a little less) from New York City, about two and a half hours from Philadelphia, and with two hot tubs, a heated pool, gym, cafe, bar, games room, underground parking and more, this luxury four-season resort has been my piece of heaven!

Appalachian resort

Appalachian Resort Four-Season Luxury

During winter, the ski slopes are literally in your back yard…

Appalachian resort

Appalachian resort

Next door is Mountain Creek Resort’s Red Tail Lodge where you can find even more places to eat, drink, rent equipment and be merry!

red tail lodge

Then, as the weather turns to spring, the area becomes known for hiking and biking – with the Appalachian Trail only a few miles up the road.

appalachian 2016 Spring Classic Pro GRT Course

Come summer, and the whole area turns water park!

Fall is back to hiking and biking, and the cycle is complete.

Only 10 minutes away is the picture-postcard beauty of Warwick, just over the border into New York state.

warwick new york

I have loved my time here!


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