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Gretna Green and Hadrian’s Wall

Wonderful day of exploring.  I first headed to Gretna Green, however when I saw how touristy it had become, decided to head for my next stop – hiking along part of Hadrian’s Wall!


I headed off north on a road trip and went exploring a number of places from Bamburgh Castle, to Seahouses, to Dunstanburgh Castle, to Warkworth Castle, to Tantallon Castle to St Mary's Island....... What an amazing couple of days!  
Heading back down from Ashington where I had been staying, I spent a couple of nights near Clitheroe and spent ages exploring and wandering around the ruins of Whalley Abbey.  


  1. Amber Spencer says:

    Hi, We only have a short time to stop to see Hadrian’s Wall. We were thinking of stopping at Gretna Green to see it since it’s already along our route. Can you tell me how long of a walk it is to see the place you have pictured here? We have four kids and won’t have long. I was trying to find a place that’s close and not have to hike a long ways to. Thanks, Amber Spencer

    • Hello Amber and I am sooooo sorry for taking so long to get back to you – for some reason I didn’t get a notification of your message. If you are still looking to go, it’s not a hike for Gretna Green, and it’s actually a reasonably easy walk for able-bodied people and children. Again, I am SO terribly sorry for not being alerted to your message and so not replying before now. Please let me know how you get on with it all – and enjoy your trip! ~ Bella

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