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Historic Paul Patisserie

…and I happened to come across my favourite little patisserie in the whole world – Paul.

“PAUL started in 1889 as a French family bakery. Today it is still a family company, but their legendary goodies are famous all over the world. What PAUL stands for is basically traditional recipes passed down for five generations and only the very best ingredients. You can feel that there are high quality standards met here and for sure, a pinch of love in every bite you take.”  InterestingTimes.ro


~ Bella

After visiting the Stavropoleos Monastery, and wandering past the beautiful and also historic Negresco (built 1883)... ...I continued wandering around the Old Town and meandered past the beautiful Palace of the Deposits and Consignments. It is the headquarters of the CEC Bank that began construction in 1897 and was completed…
I met up with my friend Joana for dinner at the Naive Restaurant.  The view was lovely, and the food was sooooooo good!, and of course, the company was fabulous! ~ Bella

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