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international chauffeur blacklane

My International Chauffeur Service

international chauffeur blacklane

Ever wanted an international chauffeur?

An international chauffeur company who knows you, who operates all over the world, who is reliable, affordable and who also has ‘an app for that’?

I love my international chauffeur service, BlackLane.  They do all that and more!  …and especially as a woman travelling around the world alone, I love the feeling of safety and security that comes with knowing they are there to take me from A to B and sometimes Q!   🙂

For instance, just this morning (and what prompted me to write this post), I received a phone call from them letting me know that for my flight tomorrow from Exeter to Vienna via a one-hour stop in Paris, I had booked the limousine for the time I arrive in Paris, not the time I arrive in Vienna when I actually need them to take me to my hotel!  Blonde moment!

Peace of Mind

There is wonderful peace of mind that comes from being about to go online, enter where you want to be picked up, where you are going and when…  The next screen tells you how much for each type of vehicle, you pick the one you want and on the following page you book!

international chauffeur blacklane

No hassling with credit cards or cash with the driver – and the app even gives you directions for exactly where to go…

For instance, after my week in Vienna, I am off to Italy for three months and taking the overnight train from Vienna to Roma Termini.  My chauffeur is booked to pick me up at the train station and the app even gives me instructions of exactly where to go when I disembark the train.  This is such a God-send since I have never been to Roma Termini and imagine it is not exactly small!

international chauffeur blacklane


In case you are wondering, YES, they are very affordable.  For instance, when I first thought about using them, I compared their prices to journeys by taxi and while they are obviously more expensive than a taxi, the difference is negligible when you also take into account the other benefits.

Here is Your Voucher!

As a customer, I get to give friends a 10 EUR/USD/GBP voucher.  Just use this promo code:  2B263SS2

…and they operate in over 250 cities around the world!

OK, back to finishing everything that needs to get done on my last day in beloved England!

Catch you soon…

~ Bella

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