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Luxurious Nomad Luxury Skin Care for Pennies!

I had a most delightful conversation yesterday with a lovely waitress at one of my ‘local watering holes’ where I eat, drink and work.

She is a beautiful young woman of twenty-five – and when we were joking about her being a quarter of a century, she was astonished when I told her I was in the second half of my century!

What ensued was a discussion on my skin care products and regime, and when I told her it involves basically two items – that are natural and affordable – she wanted to know more…  and she is not the only one.  I have had that almost identical conversation with at least a dozen people over the past six months or so…

So, here is my luxury skin care ‘secret’!

Bearing in mind that I travel all over the world, so I want to make sure I have the minimal amount of ‘stuff’ to cart around, given that I already have eight suitcases that my luggage concierge picks up and drops off when I move from one amazing location to the next.

Luxury Skin Care Cleanser

luxury skin care castile soapWhat surprises most women with whom I discuss this is that I use the same product for cleansing both face and body!

Kirk’s Soap has been produced without interruption for nearly 175 years – and being the Victorian-era-loving girl that I am, that adds to its appeal.

“Castile” originally referred to the highly-prized vegetable based soap produced in Castile, Spain. For centuries this soap was considered “the soap of royalty” because of its luxurious lather and gentleness to the skin.

luxury skin care face-scrubber-pad

I simply use a face scrubber pad (like the one in this image) and the soap for my face and upper body – and since I have mobility/flexibility challenges, I have a long-handled bath body brush that I use to exfoliate my legs – all with the castile soap!

You can find it on Amazon here:  http://amzn.to/2kwVfNC

Luxury Skin Care Moisturizer

luxury skin care argan-oilWhat is equally surprising for people, is that I also use the one product to moisturize both face and body AND the ends of my hair AND to do a deep treatment on my hair every few weeks!

You can read more about Argan Oil here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argan_oil – it is quite fascinating!

You might think an ‘oil’ would be greasy, but this one is silky-smooth…

I love it! – and a little goes a long way.

Again, all natural ingredients, and this one is certified organic.

You can find it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2khiWIx

So, before you think you have to spend a fortune to get quality luxury skin care products that work, check out these two fabulous staples in my Luxurious Nomad life.

~ Bella

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