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Macchiato Kuca

I was early for a meeting with my lawyer re my residency and business permits here, so decided to have lunch at Macchiato Kuca – a beautiful place that has both restaurant and 4-star accommodation.

Well, that was the plan…

Unfortunately, like the rest of Serbia, most places have large steps – and many do not have hand rails – so due to my mobility challenges, I was unable to enter the restaurant – but it looks pretty online – and here are a few photos at least taken from the smoking area (soooooooooo many Serbians smoke like chimneys) – oh, and although they, like other restaurants, have a ‘smoking area’, people still smoke in the restaurants and cafes everywhere here.

Oh, and speaking of stairs etc – the place where I had to go to collect my residence permit…  I needed to walk up five storeys – elevators are a rarity here, although since my apartment is on the 17th floor, thankfully my apartment building has two of them.

Btw, it looks old, but was only built in 1995.

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