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Sevnica Castle

Heading off in search of Sevnica Castle…

Interesting funnels!

Sevnica Castle Sevnica Castle perches on a sweeping hill top above the old town center of Sevnica. On the site of the current castle once stood a castle which was probably built in the first half of the 12th century. The first written reference to the castle was recorded in 1309 as “castellum Liechtenwalde.” Unlike many other castles, Sevnica Castle escaped the destruction caused during the Croatian-Slovenian peasant uprising in 1573.

Moreover, it was probably during this period that the Lutheran Cellar was built on the castle slope and was occasionally visited by Jurij Dalmatin (approx. 1547-1589). Later, the cellar was turned into a tomb intended for some lords of the castle in Sevnica.  [Source:  castlesofposavje.com]

Unfortunately, the castle was closed the day I was there – but it was still an amazing adventure and view!

~ Bella

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