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Si, sono solo!

My day started with sitting outside at one of the local cafes, happily working away as the world meandered by… having a glass of wine… and an Italian fellow probably in his sixties (and very good looking, I might add), wearing jeans and a shirt, asked me if I was alone.  “Yes – Si, sono solo,” I replied in my best Italian (Ok, so I know about 15 words and that’s about it, but they were three of them).  He then pronounced in English with a broad Italian accent…

“a beautiful woman should not drink alone!  This is Italy!” waved his hand in the air with a swooping motion, proceeded to pull out the chair beside me, said, “you do not mind, do you”, and ordered two glasses of wine!

So, in a blink, I was no longer working, but happily chatting away with some handsome stranger who seemed to think the fact that I do not have a husband or a boyfriend to be strangest and most unacceptable thing in the world.  Welcome to Italy!

si sono solo

Later that evening, I decided to go out to see a band that was playing nearby in the Mercato Centrale.

Walking along the street, I noticed this amazing window and fountain – just wedged in between two shops – amazing!

The Mercato Centrale was built in 1874.

…and, just like at an earlier cafe, playing in the background was disco and boogie music!  According to SoundHound:

I wasn’t quite so daring as to sample the “fourth stomach of the cow”…

This is the culinary school…


si sono solo

The Desperate Erotic?

Yes, that was the name of the band I went to see that night!

Hmmmm, they don’t look exactly desperately erotic, but I guess one never can tell.  🙂

While I was there, I ended up chatting with three guys who live in Ipswich, only about 40 minutes from where I had been staying in England for the past five months – AND – one of them…

– his parents used to holiday at the EXACT SAME PLACE!  He described the property precisely – although it must have been a while ago, because he didn’t recall large trees around my lovely little lake – but how strange is that!

They were in Florence for a karate tournament.

Then the question that keeps coming up – “Is your husband or boyfriend here with you?”

They were amazed that I am travelling the world by myself, particularly with a mobility challenge.

When I asked the son of the man with the beard (he’s the one whose parents used to visit Mill Farm) what fires his soul about Karate, I loved his answer.

“I have a lot of aggression in me and I want to hit things.  Karate gives me focus and let’s me hit things with respect.”

Hmmmmm…  It’s a long way down (says I to myself as I stop to take this about half way down) – but I was very proud of myself that I successfully achieved my mission of getting to the bottom gracefully and in one piece!

What’s also funny is that the following evening, I was chatting with a fellow who grew up only about 20 minutes from where I stayed in England!  He, too, was baffled by the whole, “yes, I’m travelling by myself” notion – he was in Florence with friends.

So, “si, sono solo” – but I guess when it comes down to it, life is short.  I could wait until my Mr Right turns up to share it with me, share it together – or I could seize every minute and make the best of it.

None of us knows how long we have on this little blue marble we call Earth.  I want to make each day special, make each day count, as much as I can.

I’m not always successful – and often far from it – but I am doing my best.

Sending love and smiles to all…

~ Bella x

This is the third in a series of posts continuing my loop of Florence...  It is a glorious city - and so very compact!  The view over the city from Michelangelo Piazza is truly awe-inspiring. ~ Bella
Michelangelo Piazza - the location for all those amazing vistas of Florence that have become so famous.  The Piazza is a fairly recent addition to Florence, being designed in 1869 by architect, Giuseppe Poggi.
  This wall is (I think) Torre del Belvedere. There are three statues of…

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