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Transfăgărășan Birthday 4 of 4

If you haven’t watched the esipode of ‘Top Gear’ where they trio drive the Transfăgărășan Road, I recommend doing so – but here is a snippet of where Florin and I were about to drive…


…complete with cable-car…  This is how, in winter, people get from the bottom to the top, and vice versa…


…and then home sweet home… and discovering so many birthday wishes from so many friends… and people I don’t even know but to whom I am connected online in one way or another…  (I am still wading through them all, replying to everyone…)

What an amazing birthday!

~ Bella

My friend Florin knew of an amzing place for lunch...  Where?  Right next to the road, perched on the edge of the cliff! Lunch at the edge of the world... Yes, if you look to the left, and it looks like a looooooong way down - it is!!!
My dear friend, Max, and I set out on Sunday morning for what ended up being over 13 hour road trip from Bucharest, and along the Transalpina Road... ...passing the largest chemical factory in Romania... There is something about wells that I find so beautiful... This is a traditional Romanina…

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