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Tuxford’s Working Windmill

Setting out on a beautiful crisp morning, I went in search of Tuxford, first it’s mill and then it’s horse museum…

One of only six working windmills left in Britain, the Tuxford Windmill is the only independent working windmill in Nottinghamshire and uses grain grown in the field adjacent to the mill – it couldn’t be fresher!

This lovely lady and her husband (in the photo above) own and run the mill, and live on the premises.

…and now to find the horse museum!

~ Bella

"Let it snow"... and it did!  It was ever so pretty... I finally managed to extricate the car and went for a short spin... ...and home safe and sound...  All this snow fell in around 12 hours - impressive!  🙂 ~ Bella  
Just down the road from the windmill, is the Museum of the Horse - and if one expects this to be a small museum, relative to the small size of the village, one will be very surprised.  The place is HUGE!  As you look through the photos, consider that I only…

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