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Aikey Brae

Aikey Brae stands at the summit of Parkhouse Hill in Aberdeenshire.


It is thought the stone circle was created around 4,000 years ago by a local farming community.

The main stone is made of whinstone that was transported to this place from some distance away. The remaining stones are made of local granite and are graded in size.

~ Bella


Finally off exploring Scotland - first stop:  Deer Abbey, built in 1219.   Deer Abbey was Cistercian monastery founded in 1219.  The abbey is associated with the Book of Deer and for more than 300 years, the Cistercian monks seem to have lived a quiet and contemplative life until the…
I loved it here - such a serene space...   The church was built around 1630 and the south aisle of the church served as a burial vault for the Forbes family of Pitsligo from 1636 to 1781.   ~Bella

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