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Final day in Lido di Ostia

Well, after a fascinating stay of almost three months here in Italy, today is my last day before I relocate to Romania for a month.

…and what a gift – this morning there was a procession on the main street below, complete with flag-throwing!  I had only ever seen that in the movies – and in particular in one of my absolute favourite movies, “Under the Tuscan Sun”:

  • Patti: These are straight men.
  • Frances: In tights. Waving Flags.
  • Patti: Fantastic.
  • Frances: Yeah!


…and last night’s sunset…
Farewell, Italy…

What an absolutely fabulous five days we had driving from Lido di Ostia down to Amalfi and Ravello, back up through Positano and Sorrento... (more items now checked off my Bucket List! http://luxuriousnomad.com/bucket-list/) Our first stop after having picked up a rental car and leaving Ostia was Terracina, an ancient Roman 'colonia…
A few weeks ago, my friend Lehan and I drove up to Castelli Romani - in particular to Lake Nemi... This was perhaps one of my most favourite places in my entire trip to Italy... ...by the way, even the signs for deer here look very "Italian"!  LOL!    

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