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Castelli Romani

A few weeks ago, my friend Lehan and I drove up to Castelli Romani – in particular to Lake Nemi…

This was perhaps one of my most favourite places in my entire trip to Italy…

…by the way, even the signs for deer here look very “Italian”!  LOL!



Well, after a fascinating stay of almost three months here in Italy, today is my last day before I relocate to Romania for a month. ...and what a gift - this morning there was a procession on the main street below, complete with flag-throwing!  I had only ever seen that…
Yesterday I left Italy and headed to Romania for the next stop on my "Freedom Life" tour... (oh, and it was a good thing I flew yesterday as today, Romanian air traffic controllers decided to go on strike to demand better working conditions). Sitting at Ciampino Airport, it was interesting to…


  1. Steve Brown says:

    Hi Bella

    Steve from Ardoe House this place is spectacular
    I hope Efi does not click this link as I want to take
    Her there
    We both love architecture & authenticity
    We like the charms of these sorts of places
    Right up our street.

    I really enjoy your posts & info on all life

    Will speak to you soon ‘re your wonderful invite

    • Leigh (Bella) St John says:

      Hello, my dear Friend! If you do decide to go to Castelli Romani, there are lots of quaint places to stay right in the middle of the village – that would be my suggestion. Looking forward to connecting sometime later this year when I am back in Scotland. Sending love and smiles to you both. xxx

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