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Castle of Pittulie

Seemingly stranded in the middle of a large field, stands the ruins of Castle Pittulie in Fraserburgh, Scotland.


Castle Pittulie, also known as Pittulie Castle, is an oblong tower house located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near the village of Rosehearty. The castle is believed to have been built around the late 16th century, with sources suggesting it was likely constructed in 1596 to celebrate the marriage of Alexander Fraser of Philorth and Margaret Abernethy of Saltoun.

Originally, the castle was owned by the Frasers of Philorth, who were also known as Clan Fraser.

As with much of Clan history, this is yet another story of clan vs clan.  The Frasers held the lands of Pittulie from their overlords, the Clan Douglas. After the marriage of Alexander Fraser and Margaret Abernethy, the Frasers inherited the Saltoun peerage. Later, the property passed on to the Cumine family, who expanded the original tower.

In 1746, Hanoverian troops sacked and burned the castle after the defeat at Culloden.

It’s a strange and eerie place with a fascinating history…

~ Bella

The Pitsligo Castle was built around 1424.  Ownership later passed to the Forbes family of Druminnor. The last Forbes of Pitsligo supported both the 1715 Rising and Bonnie Prince Charlie's 1745 rebellion.  After the Stuart defeat at Culloden, Forbes was forced to flee for his life and was declared an outlaw,…
Scotland's Boddham harbour was built in 1831 and became a registered port in 1845.    The village's lighthouse, Buchan Ness Lighthouse was built-in 1827 by Robert Stevenson and stands 130 feet high.   ~ Bella

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