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Pitsligo Castle

The Pitsligo Castle was built around 1424.  Ownership later passed to the Forbes family of Druminnor.

The last Forbes of Pitsligo supported both the 1715 Rising and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s 1745 rebellion.  After the Stuart defeat at Culloden, Forbes was forced to flee for his life and was declared an outlaw, leaving Pitsligo castle to be seized by the crown.

In 1989 a descendant of the original Forbes family, publishing magnate Malcolm Forbes, purchased the castle estate and restored the fortress to the point where it was no longer in danger of falling down – and it is managed by the Pitsligo Castle Trust.


~ Bella

I loved it here - such a serene space...   The church was built around 1630 and the south aisle of the church served as a burial vault for the Forbes family of Pitsligo from 1636 to 1781.   ~Bella
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