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Dinosaur Eggs for Easter

A certain little munchkin I adore happens to love dinosaurs, so for Easter here in Slovenia, I went on a hunt for dinosaur eggs!

I actually had a lot of fun!  I made friends with two cute children about four or five years of age – we spoke different languages (yes, I do realise they are only just beginning to grasp theirs!), but still we had a blast – and their mother, who I think was relieved for the break as she also had a wee baby in a stroller) thought the whole thing very amusing…

Processed with Focos

…all in all, a truly glorious day!

~ Bella

I needed to just go for a drive to no where in particular to blow the cobwebs out...  I figured when I was ready to come home, my trusty iPhone would tell me the way... Look closely and one can see someone fishing... ~ Bella
Decided to head out in search of some sea air...  and in the process I zigged when I should have zagged and ended up in Italy (ooops!) - oh, well...  managed to find the Slovenian coast eventually... Now, off to find the Walls of Piran... ~ Bella

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