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Europe’s 5000 Year Old Tree plus the Falls of Dochart

After an extended period of inclement weather, finally the sun decided to visit…



So the next morning I rugged up (it was 6 degrees C), popped the top of the car (yes, I am that crazy), and went exploring!

My first objective was to find the Fortingall Yew Tree – the oldest tree in Europe…

…and there he is behind that wall – well, I say ‘he’ since for hundreds of years the tree has been known to be a male (yes, yew trees are either male or female)… However,  it has recently started sprouting berries – something only female yew trees do!

On the way around the cemetary to the tree, I was thinking about the changes that tree must have witnessed over FIVE THOUSAND YEARS!

…and then, lo and behold, the pavement agreed!  🙂

Although not as physically impressive looking as the Angel Oak in America (I visited that before I started uploading my photos here – at some point I might make time to upload those shots), or its sister, the oldest tree in Ireland, the Fortingall Yew Tree was truly majestic.

From here it was heading back in the general direction of home to the picturesque village of Killin and the glorious Falls of Dochart…

…and arriving safely back home…

…oh, and then that night (well, in the early hours of the following morning) we all sat out and watched the meteor Leonid shower!

Truly magical!

~ Bella


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