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Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII

After a glorious day at the Concours of Elegance, we again ventured through the magnificent gates to go and explore some of Hampton Court Palace itself…


Every house should have a chocolate room AND a chocolate kitchen…

At over 3m in diameter, the astronomical clock overlooks the inner courtyard.

It was installed in 1540 and is not simply a clock as one might think.  It shows:

  • the hour,
  • the day
  • and the month,
  • it shows the phases of the moon
  • and its age in the month,
  • the signs of the zodiac,
  • the movement of the sun (according to pre-Copernican theory),
  • and, most usefully for the members of the court, who usually travelled by barge, the time of high tide at London Bridge.

This tidal information was necessary as the unembanked Thames at the time had strong currents that created rapids at low tide around the bridge.

I was explaining to Sharon that King Henry VIII is actually one of my favourite kings and I feel much understood, so was delighted when we came across this exhibition that explored the king’s early life and in particular his very loving marriage to his first wife…

Time to head home after a day full of truly beautiful vehicles, in a magnificent setting, with a lovely friend.  Perfect!

…and I enter my lovely room, only to find a huge bunch of flowers waiting for me as an early happy birthday…

I feel very blessed.

~ Bella

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