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Historic Hotel Casa Capșa

Magical lightshow on the ceiling of my suite:


For one of the poorest countries in Europe, Romania does ok… btw, the Ferrari dealership here apparently sells more Ferraris than any other in Europe… (view from my lovely suite)


Continuing my leisurely journey... I eventually came across an amazing place with an equally amazing history...  The "Hanul cu Tei"... Built in 1833, the "Lime Inn" was built in what was then the commercial centre of Bucharest... ...and was immortalised in the writings of the famous Romania author, Peltz... ...but…
Leaving beautiful Romania... but going to equally beautiful England...  I wasn't expecting to visit Great Britain again for some time, but restrictions changing made this the best next destination for me... By the way, I have ceased calling the area "the United Kingdom", as they haven't felt all that 'united'…

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