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Hotel Leopold I

Hotel Leopold I is an elegant hotel at the fortress in Novi Sad that was built primarily during the 1700s.

I waited in the lobby for a friend before we had dinner and then went to the theatre.  This is one of the few remaining truly stunning historic hotels in Novi Sad.

In the centre of Novi Sad is an old decommisioned tram-car that has been turned into a cafe - although unfortunately yet again soooo many people smoking inside, and high steps with no handrails, meant that I had to sit outside... but it was a lovely day so all was…
Next stop was dinner with a new friend here... delicious food, wonderful service, and stunning views... ...and bonus - no steps!!!  (although I wanted to explore more of the fortress and that, of course, came with steps and no handrails - but for something this old, that is to be…

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