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In search of eggs! Eggin í Gleðivík



34 huge granite eggs represent the eggs of each of the nesting birds in this area, many of which are migrating birds, flying over to Iceland from far away to lay their eggs in Iceland.  Each one of the 34 eggs is an exact replica of the egg of the bird in question. The eggs are all different in shape, nuance, and colour. Most of the bird species represented by the eggs are migratory and the best bird-watching time in Iceland is from June to August.


The amazing sculpture is the work of noted visual artist, Sigurður Guðmundsson.

…from here we take on an adventure that we didn’t expect…  Google said there was a road there… so we went…….. little did we know Harry would end up climbing a mountain on a loose gravel track!

~ Bella

  This is what you get when you put an engineer together with a house designer in 1954 and ask them to build a lighthouse.  The light still operates to this day with two white flashes that are emitted every 20 seconds. Now, time to find some eggs!  http://luxuriousnomad.com/in-search-of-eggs-eggin-i-gledivik/ ~…
As we all know, if it's on Google, it must be true... ...that's why, when there was a sign on the road we were supposed to take telling us that for almost 20 kilometres, and with gradients reaching almost 20 degrees... Harry and I decided to press on! These photos…

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