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Roche Abbey

Leaving my lovely little cottage on the edge of the Peak District, I went in search of Roche Abbey…

This isn’t the main Abbey, but it was so lovely!

One would need very little and very nimble feet to climb those stairs!

From the English Heritage site: “Beautifully set in a valley landscaped by ‘Capability’ Brown in the 18th Century, Roche Abbey has one of the most complete ground plans of any English Cistercian monastery, laid out as excavated foundations. Founded in the 12th century as a monastry of the Cistercian order, Roche Abbey was once home to 50 monks and 100 lay brothers.”

~ Bella


...after leaving the canal museum, I headed toward water of a different kind... Built in 1829, this amazing structure is now privately owned... During WWII a rather interesting form of camouflage was used for the fort during the war - it was made to look like a coastal tourist resort,…
After leaving Roche Abbey, I basically just drove for ages, no particular destination, and came across lovely Harrogate... ...then back through the hills to my lovely little cottage... ~ Bella

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