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Rum, Austria to Lake Iseo, Italy

I didn’t set foot outside the hotel the entire week I was there…  It was just magical sitting out on the balcony writing, reading, working…  the Alps so extremely close it felt as though one could reach out and touch them…

Then, at the end of that week, off to Italy to return the rental car and commence an extraordinary week that included the famous Mille Miglia (1000 mile classic car race through Italy).

~ Bella

Leaving my lovely hotel just outside Salzburg, I head off toward another lovely hotel, just outside Innsbruck... ~ Bella
I have wanted to take a trip on a Riva boat since the first time I saw one in an old movie. Such elegance, style...  prrrrrrrrr........................ Apparently the history of Riva yachts goes back to 1842, when Pietro Riva began repairing and building yachts on Lake Iseo in northern Italy.…


  1. martha wilke says:

    I am a USA travel agent. Have 4 people wanting to visit the Riva Boat factory in May. Dates are May 17 or May 18. They will have a car and can drive to Lak iseo. Please let me know how to book a tour for them Thank you for your help.

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