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Stunning pictures in STONE! Pietre Dure Museum

I was originally headed for somewhere different entirely, but ended up wandering off and exploring a most extraordinary museum!  Along the way, some beautiful sights…

I have wanted to go here for ages!  The Pietre Dure Museo – essentially pictures made from stone!

~ Bella

The Gucci Garden Museum is dedicated to the iconic Italian fashion house, and includes classic Gucci clothing & handbag exhibits as well as an incredible room of mirrors! I must admit, for me, it was in the category of sensory-overload and I didn't explore the entire museum - but there…
Happy 2023, my Friends!  I know it's backwards time-wise, but I just have to start this post with the video of the fireworks last night here in Bucharest...  It was AMAZING!!!
OK, where was I..? Oh, yes - farewell beautiful Italy...  The cloud formations were really interesting on…

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