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What is a Staycation?

Staycations – What are they and why are they sometimes better than a vacation?

staycationA staycation is essentially a short period of time – even if it’s simply a weekend – where you either stay home, or you book into a hotel somewhere near where you live.

Many families prefer a staycation not only because it’s affordable, but it often promotes better rest and relaxation. A staycation, by the very nature of the fact that there is little or no travel involved, will give you more time to relax and restore energy.

While travelling to exotic locations can be amazing, it can also take a toll physically and financially.  Enjoyment is not measured based on the money you spent, but the moments and experiences you gained.

If expensive weekend getaways have no room in your budget, instead try staycation. If you’re looking for more staycations ideas, check out the list below:

1. Laser Tag or Paint-balling: You can invite some of your friends or families to join and battle with you. There are numerous laser tags and paintball facilities everywhere, you can use Google to locate the nearest one.

2. Visit National Park: This is acknowledged as the country’s greatest treasure. If you have National park in the area, make sure to visit the ranger station first to pick-up a Junior Ranger Kit and complete required activities to get a badge. A National Parks Passports is also available in the park’s gift shops; you can assemble numerous passport stamps every time you visit.

3. Local Theater: Check the theater website or local newspaper to see the latest musicals, family friendly shows, concerts and plays. This is a wonderful way to spend your night with children, family, friends or special someone.

4. Amusement Park: If Disney World is quite far and expensive, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy in a nearby themed park. Local amusement parks offer unique features that can make you thrilled, fun and excited. Since this activity is often a lot cheaper than other vacation ideas, you can also treat your loved ones in a fancy dinner.

5. Local Museum for Children: If you have children at home it’s best to find staycation ideas that they can appreciate and enjoy. This type of staycation will definitely fit your budget. Many of them offer a variety of interactive and fun activities that can keep you busy the entire day.

6. Visit Aquarium or Zoo: Children are not the only ones who adore animals. Even adults can spend time seeing and enjoying animals, too. Before you go, make sure to check if they offer special programs – some offer opportunities to feed, or Junior Zookeeper programs. You may have to pack some lunch since zoo fare is often quite pricey.

7. Local Library: I love, love love libraries!  The majority of libraries offer family friendly activities and events.

8. Minor or Major League Sport Event: Major leagues are really fun but these are quite pricey especially for a family of 4, 5 or more. Good thing, most cities have minor leagues that can provide you same experience but at an affordable price.

9. Spa-Cation:  Another of my all-time favourites!  Consider treating yourself to a day at the spa, then come home to blissful music, candles and your choice of beverage (mine is good red wine!)

Whatever form of staycation you choose, it’s always nice to know that not only are you saving money, and saving travel time, but you are also supporting your own local economy.

By Leigh St John, aka the Luxurious Nomad

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