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Vienna Update

Final updates before I leave Vienna…


Siting here finishing lunch, I thought I would give you a quick update on a couple of things that were not included in my main post on Vienna yesterday (http://luxuriousnomad.com/vienna-city-of-contrasts/)…

Drinking Water in Vienna?

Vienna water

The best in the world!

No need to buy bottled water in Vienna since the water that comes out of the tap comes directly from the mountain springs in the Styrian/Lower Austrian Alps – and all without any pumps and NO additives!

It is considered the finest and cleanest town drinking water in the world.

Also, on its way from the mountains to the city, the water flows through hydroelectric power stations, that generate 65 million kilowatt hours of power, or enough for a small town.

Homeless People in Vienna

Image result for homeless

Again, Vienna is a city of contrasts…  While there is a homeless population here, they range from coming right up to your face and attempting to stare you down to get money (and when you tell them “no, thank you” they just come closer and stare!  It seems to be a city-wide trait…) – to a number of people who are homeless who have started to earn money by being tour guides!  Seriously!  Here is an interesting article on the subject:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/homeless-people-become-city-tour-guides-for-vienna-in-austria-a6807171.html

Actually, while sitting here typing this, an older man who came up to me and asked for money – and this one was quite polite so although I said no, he looked at the remains of my lunch that I was in the process of finishing so I invited him to join me and bought him lunch!  He was so lovely and so appreciative.  Made my day!

Indoor Smoking

Remember, I mentioned in my last post about the smoky cafes?

Well, yesterday while I was working in the (non-smoking) cafe of the hotel (I get better wifi there than in my room), I made some new friends who grew up here in Vienna.  Apparently it is illegal to smoke in many places (not all yet) but according to my friend, the government is reluctant to do anything about it because of the amount of international espionage that goes on here – apparently they do not want to tell anyone what they cannot do.

Interestingly, that’s the second time I have heard mention of spies here in Vienna!  Apparently a remnant of the Cold War, now the focus of the espionage community (that is how it is described!) is in the information arena.

I think the reluctance to bring in and uphold the non-smoking laws is also due to the huge number of smokers in Vienna.

Austria has one of the highest rates of smoking in Europe with around 33% of Austrians who smoke regularly.


While I did not anticipate doing any shopping here in Vienna (it is hard enough to close my travel case as it is!), apart from going to McShark (yes, you read that correctly – McShark!) to buy a new protective cover thingy for my iPhone (I managed to break the current one the day before I left England)…

…and on my way back to my favourite lunch spot, found a magical and beautiful luxury accessories shop that is going out of business this weekend!

Came out with a collection of magnificent scarves that were originally 85 Euro each – for 7.50 Euro a piece!!! …and a lovely Italian leather bag that was 120 Euro for 20.50 Euro!!!

Happy, happy Princess Pixie!!!  Especially given that the bag is actually something for which I have been searching for some time – as in a stunning white bag for summer that is large enough to carry my laptop… and a girl can never have too many quality scarves…

Well, am about to finish my wine, wrap up the work I have been doing and head back to the hotel for a massage before settling down for an evening of back to back calls with clients…

Guten Nachmittag von Wien!

~ Bella

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