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Sligo Rally

Welcome to the Connacht Motor Club Sligo Rally!

I caught up with a friend today and we went to Riverstown Folk Park for what is known as a regroup halt – essentially a short rest-stop during the Sligo Stages Rally.

After a wonderful fill of motor fuel fumes, we headed to Sandhill for lunch…

All in all, a fabulous day!

Oh, and yesterday I went wandering but there wasn’t enough in my wandering to warrant a separate post, so here are my photos…

Wishing you a most blessed Sunday!

~ Bella

Romanian Day of the National Flag

I awoke this morning to the sound of a PA system being set up and tested downstairs and then when, about an hour or so later, I heard drums I thought I would go and investigate…

It turns out today, June 26th, is The Day of the National Flag here in Romania.

Romanians are quite big into celebrating – and the military is no exception.  Here is the Military Celebration Calendar just for June and July:

June 10 – The Day of the Military Paratroopers
On June 10, 1941 by the Order D.M. 93/1941 the first Paratroopers sub-unit was established – the Company of Special Missions– commanded by Lieutenant Stefan Soverth.

June 18 – The Day of the Military Builders
On June 18, 1920 they established the Directorate of Buildings and Military Domains.

June 26 – The Day of the National Flag
The National Flag Day was established by Law No. 96/1998, to be held annually on June 26. The Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of the Interior organize military ceremonies in units across the country while public authorities and other civil institutions celebrate the day through various festive activities.

July 1 – The Day of the Military Bands
As provided by the “Organic regulations” of 1/13 July 1831, “musician soldiers” (a band comprising 1 drum, 24 musicians and 8 drummers) became part of and started their service in the Permanent National Army.

July 13 – The Day of the Military Speciality “Electronic Warfare”

July 14 – The Day of the Military Communications
On July 14, 1873 was established the first Communications sub-unit – the Telegraphy Section, marking the beginning of the Military Communications

July 15 – The Day of the Military Submarine Men

July 20 – The Day of Aviation and the Air Force, the Orthodox celebration of Saint Elijah the Thunderer.

July 23The Day of the Military Press
The first issue of the “Observatorul militar” weekly appeared on July 23, 1859.

July 25The Day of the Radiolocation
By the National Defence Minister’s Order of July 25, 1955 the Radio-Technical Troops was established.

July 26The Day of the Military Archives
On July 26, 1920 by Order no. 4 of the General Staff, the Archives of the 6th History Section of the General Staff was established.

July 29 – The Day of the National Anthem
The Day of the National Anthem was established by Law No. 99/1998 to be celebrated every year on July 29.

…and now back to work…

~ Bella


1066 Battle of Hastings

1066 Battle of Hastings – 950th Anniversary

I feel ever so honoured to be here in Hastings for the 950th anniversary of the 1066 Battle of Hastings.  Battle Abbey is magnificent!  I will add information and commentary later – wanted to at least upload the photos now…

2016-10-15-12-55-45  2016-10-15-12-54-51  2016-10-15-12-01-02  2016-10-15-11-59-06  p1010104  p1010103  p1010102  p1010101  p1010099  p1010098  p1010097  p1010096  p1010095  p1010094  p1010093  p1010092  p1010091  p1010090  p1010089  p1010088  p1010087  p1010086  p1010085  p1010080  p1010079  p1010078  p1010077  p1010076  p1010075  p1010074  p1010073  p1010072
p1010069  p1010068
p1010067   p1010066   p1010064  p1010063   p1010062
p1010058  p1010057  p1010055
p1010052  p1010051  p1010050  p1010049  p1010048
p1010047  p1010046
p1010045  p1010044  p1010043  p1010042
p1010039  p1010038  p1010037  p1010036  p1010035  p1010034  p1010033  p1010032   p1010031  p1010030
p1010027   p1010025  p1010013  p1010014  p1010015  p1010016  p1010017  p1010018  p1010019  p1010020  p1010021  p1010022   p1010023 p1010024  p1010025  p1010027  p1010028  p1010029