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Invitation: Venice Carnivale (Venuto Carnevale)

Join a group of friends and me in our own private villa for the incredible Venice Carnivale in February, 2020!

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The entire 2020 Venice Carnival will begin on Saturday, February 8 and ends on Tuesday, February 25.  Over the course of the event, there is an abundance of activities from free to very expensive:

Here are the details for our very own private Venice Carnevale experience:


Arriving Sunday February 16th, departing Monday February 24th – please note I will be there for the entire week, however some friends are only able to make it from Wednesday 19th to Monday 24th.


We have our own private villa – all to ourselves!  It is on the Riviera del Brenta, about 30 minutes from Venice.

You can read more about our villa and view lots of photos here:  http://luxuriousnomad.com/my-italian-villa-on-the-riveria-del-brenta/

Villa Ducale

Airport Transfers

Flying into Venice Airport, the villa will arrange transfers for everyone.


If you look at the links to the events pages, you will see the type of costumes everyone will be wearing.
  • If you don’t want to invest in your own costume, the villa has ones you may rent.


This is essentially just a group of friends gathering together around a central event and while these are suggested activities, feel free to do your own thing if you like!


  • Arrival – dinner at the villa (in costume if you have it)
  • Road trip – destination yet to be decided OR feel free to head in to Venice to explore on your own (https://venice-carnival-italy.com/events-calendar/)
  • Dinner – no fixed plans – there are ample places nearby to eat (the villa restaurant is closed Tuesdays)


After a toast with our crew on board, the Galleon will slowly start sailing towards the northern part of the Venetian lagoon Sailing past the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello and offering a charming panoramic views, whilst on board you can taste the Great Carnival buffet with all specialties prepared with care by our Venetian Chef and then the party

A not-to-be-missed appointment on board a true Venetian Galleon, enjoy an exclusive evening on board of great food, music and lots of fun during Venice Carnival!
After a toast with our crew on board, the Galleon will slowly start sailing towards the northern part of the Venetian lagoon.
Sailing past the most important Islands of Venetian Lagoon Murano, Burano and Torcello enjoy the charming panoramic views whilst on board.
You can taste the Great Carnival buffet with all the specialties prepared with care by our Venetian Chef. In the meanwhile our live band will liven up the evening with great songs and music.
After dinner we will head towards Venice and make a toast in front of magnificent Saint Mark’s square, capturing the magic and elegance of the most ancient Carnival of the world celebrating together Venice Carnival whilst dancing to the all the latest hits.
On board we will continue the party with Carnival trumpets, streamers, and traditional Venetian desserts like Frittelli and Galani.
It’s a wonderful fun evening from the beginning and until the moment you disembark.


h. 20:00
Embarkation of guests in Venice – Naval Museum. Welcome aperitif while sailing into Saint Mark’s basin.
h. 20:30
Start buffet dinner while sailing to the northern parts of the lagoon: Murano, Burano and Torcello…
h. 22:00 ca.
At the end of dinner, toast in front of Saint Mark’s square
h. 00:00
Disembarkation of guests in Venice – Naval Museum

*Price per person: € 110,00

  • Depart

Accommodation Cost

The villa has been wonderful and arranged a very special low rate for us:

  • DOUBLE ROOM for 1 Person – €70.00 per night
  • DOUBLE ROOM for 2 Persons – €120.00 per night (€60.00 per night per person)
  • JUNIOR SUITE (only 1 available) for 3 Persons – €140.00 per night (€47.00 per night per person)
  • FAMILY SUITE (only 1 available) for 4 Persons – €180.00 per night (€45.00 per night per person)

Event Cost

The only event we have booked together as a group is the dinner cruise and that is €110.00 per person – and please note, must be booked separately (as listed above).

Apart from that, feel free to do as many or as little events as you choose!

…and as for the road trips, obviously my rental car will only accommodate so many people – so it will depend on who would also like to rent a car and we can convoy to some glorious places through that part of Italy!

How to book?

Chances are if we have already discussed that, your room is already booked – and if not, please contact me immediately.

I have secured the entire villa for us, however you will need to give the villa a deposit to confirm and secure your room.

Please email Irene at Villa Ducale info@villaducale.it and she will arrange to take the deposit.

See you in February!

~ Bella


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