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Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory ~ Home of Greenwich Mean Time

The Royal Observatory and the Greenwich ‘Time Line’ have been on my bucket list for ages…  Photos now, details to come…

p1010427  p1010439  p1010429
p1010418  p1010419  p1010420  p1010421  p1010422  p1010423  p1010424  p1010425  p1010426  p1010428  p1010430  p1010431  p1010432  p1010433  p1010434  p1010435  p1010436  p1010437

cutty sark
The Cutty Sark is a magnificent ship with a fascinating history.  ...will add the info later - at least getting the photos uploaded now...                                                     …
bonhams veteran london to brighton car run
Bonhams Veteran Car Run is the longest running motoring event in the world!  Photos now, details to come...                                                                   …

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