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Bulgarian Retrospective

It has been a fascinating two months in Bulgaria…  I decided to do a retrospective, akin to an exhibition of photos I have played with, made more ethereal, that would capture my thoughts and feelings of the place… oh, and the photo below of the back of the van?  That is a man selling fish in 40 degree Celsius (104 degrees F) heat on the side of the road… Welcome to Bulgaria!

~ Bella

Continuing our drive through the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains... ...and what greets us as we arrive at the Monastery is an array of souvenirs and local produce and more souvenirs... The Bachovo Monastery was founded in 1083 by Prince Gregory Pakourianos. ...and all of a sudden I am back in America???…
Bulgaria has certainly been an 'interesting' experience.  I was chatting with Adrian, my friend and driver, about the differences between Bulgaria and Romania, and how I find it difficult to reconcile the two. The two countries could not be further apart, yet they lie next to each other on opposite…

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